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    Is there even a point to posting our gripes on here?

    No seriously, like do the devs read these?

    Nope. They never cared about feedback one bit. (hstr rewards, fleetminus2, jtr mark traya, nest nerf.. .) They dont need to. Its a job and they make plenty of money on the whales, not needing to adhere to any feedback.

    However, venting is healthy. Thats the point of these threads.
    All those things were a result of feedback

    hSTR rewards changed because of feedback. Nest was fixed because of feedback (bug report was submitted). Fleets 2.0 was them trying to make the battles shorter and more fun which was the negative feedback of the community; its another debate if it was well-done or well-received

    No idea what JTR mark Traya means

    Youre only fooling yourself if you actually believe these were done for the community.
  • Ultra
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    Your voice has power, and you can use it for proper feedback for the developers rather than complaining and venting, or you can continue to come up with crazy conspiracy theories like the payout change was a money making strategy and you actually LOSE more crystals if you change your payout
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    Logic and forum do not coexist.
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  • The change to TW was a terrible idea. Useless.
  • Halx
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    I'm on many of the largest discord servers, with an estimated over 20000 members... no matter what discussion you look into, you won't find anything positive. Hopefully CG/EA respects the wishes of the players and gets rid of the new TW modus...
  • Neo2551
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    Bad experience, I hated it. NS are useless without Zombie
  • LvG4M3R
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    I just wish they actually wanted our feedback. When they first asked us about this idea, they werent asking for our opinion. It was alrdy in the works, they just wanted to gauge how well they thought they did. They certainly wont do this again but they also wont acknowledge that our feedback for this event was completely irrelevent, they were gonna do it anyway thinking they were being creative. cause bottomline, if this event was based off of the feedback from the forum, it never would have happened. Clearly this was more important than a road ahead.
  • Please keep the territory wars vanilla!
    The grand arena is fine with these different modes, 3x3, ships etc, but for territory wars, this is completely different since the strategy is strongly affected by those implementations and not always are well understood but all guildmates or their leaders which makes the strategy for the event.

    It was doing ok with the bonuses for some teams/chars, but many players get really **** off when you can't put their teams they spent months farming to defend a territory simply because the game removed one of the only 5 characters from your favorite faction, so you're obliged to use some other random character which tottally screw the team's synergy.

    I wonder how people who spent hundreds of dollars on a character to get some advantage feel about not being able to use it on tw, which is the case for a lot of people but not everyone of course.
  • No more banning of characters please. Stop the madness.
  • Neo2551
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    Bring back usual bonus (FO/Scoufrels/BH/Resistance) in vanilla.

    Otherwise I like crazy bonus randomly to give some rewards for those gearing useless toons. So as few vanilla as possible. But don’t bring back banning toons, that was the worst experience ever.
  • Gannon
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    Limit random experiments to grand arena.

    Tw doesn't have to be "vanilla" but don't ever ban anything and only use bonuses that have been tested and don't include insane infinite loops..

    The original buffs to scoundrels, hunters, first order, and resistance were mild enough to barely notice. The mace windu buff was really fun, but didn't break the game. Recent trooper and clone buff were good also.
    the ewok or jawa buffs were way too much. Dial it back a bit.. Infinite loops are bad, remember?
  • @CG_SBCrumb ditto on the link to a dead thread.

    I think the experiments in TW are just fine, but banning characters should be banned. The experiments significantly revived interest TW in my guild.

    But... you need to a way better job of telling people in game what is happening and why. There needs to be a title page or rules pages like the raids have, so that players know what is happening. We had so many people who had no idea what the changes were and why. You shouldn't need to go to a forum to find out the rules for a game mode.
  • @CG_SBCrumb asked, so here my small opinion.

    I my opinion traditional tw and modified version should be altered like two normal and two modified.
    Modification should be mostly bonus (amplify generally know weak characters/teams), but maybe from time to time some banning is ok, but much smaller than last time.

    Send messages to game about changes and keep modifications documented. It's fair when every one knows about them.

  • Banning was a really bad idea, since random people only had that one Bounty Hunter or Sisters Squad and whole guilds did not stand a chance.

    As others suggested: Light to mediocre buffs for fringe factions and freaks are fine, otherwise vanilla. The weirdly weak Old Jedis like Consular, Eeth Koth, Ima Gun Di or Guardian would be much appreciated!!!
  • We want vanilla bonuses back!! (FO and resistance)
  • I love change! Please keep up the fantastic work. Dont listen to the walletwarriors, listen to the real players! If your not goog in 3v3, then you are not good at playing! Boohooo, my Zombie was blocked... like everyones elses zombi, too...
  • Once every 3 months id rather not band any characters regardless how op they maybe people that have these charcters should be able to use them
  • AnimatEd
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    More 'Vanilla' than anything else, for me.

    No more banning toons.

    We seem to have 2 or 3 TW in between TB. I'd enjoy 1 TW with buffs, and 2 normal.
  • More GAs and TWs (vanilla or with toon bans or buffs, don't mind if it gets us to think outside the box) as these create excitement, encourage strategic thinking and are unpredictable.

    Less TBs as these are predictable, boring slogs that go on far too long and demand too much, comparatively speaking, from guilds.

    Compensate for this shift in balance with greater Guild Events currency rewards for GAs and TWs.
  • More Vanilla TW. Absolutely never ban any toons ever again. Occasional buffs are fine but the focus needs to remain on the original concept of TW
  • I'd like to go back to the schedule of every other week being a TW or a TB week. While GA does slightly increase the amount of game time needed, I'm pretty sure it could be run on TB weeks. So, what I'd like to see is a TW week and then a TB/GA week and then a TW week...

    As far as buffs/bans, I see positives and negatives to them. I care less about their frequency of them than the frequency of the changes. We run TWs in sets of 2. We shouldn't have one TW run under one set of rules and have a different set of rules for the other. Both TWs should have the same buffs/bans.

    To appease everyone, I would recommend that one set of TWs (2) in a month be "Vanilla" and the other set be buff/ban.
  • I like the idea of character/faction bonuses, but removing toons altogether is a bad idea. It would be great if we got hints or heads up to what they would be.
  • Agree with everyone else that banning characters was a terrible idea. Happy with all vanilla TW but if there are to be variations then buffing underused squads is much MUCH better than banning characters.
  • I'm in favor of vanilla TW on a more regular basis than other changes to it. I am outright opposed to the banning of characters approach. Look at other games that ban portions of a game after players have invested in time or money to gain these items only to have the rug pulled out from under them. This approach will hurt SWGOH if it continues.

    Playing with the bonuses for characters has been fun as long as there is sufficient notice in order to strategize. The first attempt with this was great as there was plenty of time to prepare. The last round was handled pretty carelessly over the holidays. Just give advance notice for players to prepare. Not everyone reads these forums.
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