The Next Territory Wars (1/17/19) [MEGA]

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Territory Wars are something we will continue to experiment with and change over time. While picks and bans may return, we would love to hear more of your feedback on what you would like to see in future Territory Wars events. After the current Community Voted Territory Wars is complete, we will be running some special bonuses for the next Territory Wars on 1/17/2019. Check out the details below and get strategizing!

Endless Ranks - Imperial Troopers
At the start of battle, Imperial Troopers gain 5 stacks of Endless Ranks. When an enemy is defeated, all Imperial Troopers gain 1 stack of Endless Ranks, up to 10 stacks.

Endless Ranks: When an Imperial Trooper is defeated, they consume 1 stack of Endless Ranks from all Imperial Trooper allies, revive with 100% Health and 100% Protection, reset all their cooldowns, and gain a bonus turn

Army of the Galactic Republic - Clone Troopers
At the start of battle, Clone Troopers gain 50% Health, 50% Protection, 50% Offense, and 50% Defense for each Clone Trooper ally. Clone Troopers gain 100% Critical Chance and 100% Critical Damage while they have no debuffs. When they attack out of turn, Clone Troopers dispel all debuffs on other Clone Troopers allies, dispel all buffs on the target enemy, and gain 20% Turn Meter.

Fury of the Forest - Ewok
Ewoks have a cooldown of 0 on all abilities.

Ruthless Salvagers - Jawas
Jawas have 50% chance to Stun the target enemy when they use an ability, which can't be evaded. Jawas gain 20% Offense for each Stunned enemy. When Jawas attack a Stunned enemy, they Shock them for 2 turns and call all other Jawa allies to assist. (Note: Jawas that are called to assist can call other Jawas for further assist.)

Ship: First Order - Full Blown Assault
First Order allies gain Advantage for 2 turns at the start of battle and whenever they are inflicted with a debuff. If they have Advantage when they use an ability, First Order allies recover 10% Health and 10% Protection and inflict Target Lock on target enemy for 2 turns.



  • Now this is podracing!
  • This TW almost made me quit the game. YOU the community. Please don’t insult us like that again. Ever.
  • I think the Ewok bonus probably is a mistake waiting to happen, and is most likely to result in player-unfriendly gameplay. I also think the Clone bonus is the only other one that is likely to change the usability of a faction, but it still might not be enough, since speed is likely to still be an issue.
  • Oh good Lord.. will you please stop.

    I think the general consensus is that the bonuses are pretty popular and fun. Far, far better than the bans anyway.
  • Do what ever you want but do not remove toon Like you did
  • @CG_SBCrumb will the Troopers revive from Annihilate or any of the other abilities that block revives?
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    BrtStlnd wrote: »
    1. Please stop calling this the “community voted TW”, everyone knows that is not an accurate way to describe this thing.

    2. The new bonuses look amazingly cool

    3. Are you aware that the Ewoks could easily get stuck in an infinite loop of offense?

    probably not
    with ai
    wicket will probably spam aoe
    logray will probably spam dispel
    paploo will probably spam assist call
    ee will probably spam heal
  • Ultra
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    I think the implication is that Jawas keep attacking infinitely against a stunned enemy?
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