Galactic war update

I am so very sick of having nothing to do after 10 to 15 minutes of play time. I look forward to playing heroes everyday just to be left with nothing to do after galactic war is finished..Nothing worse then that feeling of being stuck. please please please make galactic war have multiple tiers. Give us something to extend play time..why not make it three tiers..or even 5. I just finished my daily activities..and now after a short 10 to 15 minutes later...theres absolutely nothing left for me to do except turn the game off. An extended galactic war would make sooo much of a difference..I want to keep playing..hell I only just started..but when theres nothing left to do or accomplish it's very frustrating..give us all a reason to keep playing that doesnt involve spending crystals to sim or buying more crystals just to keep playing.
I am a true blue star wars fan and this is the ONLY game I love to play. At least with a multi teir galactic war and better rewards we will be able to keep playing the game we all love for more then 15 minutes.
thank you EA for creating heroes...and please act on my suggestion...I'm sure I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that extending GW would be awsome and greatly appreciated.


  • It’s a balance between having nothing to do and alienating a large portion of the player base by overwhelming them and making them feel like they can’t keep up.
    Galactic War is similar to omega battles...something to work through when you are new-ish but just a farm later on - like all of the events. I will take those farms though.
    I think that adding inter guild practice battles could help- no rewards so you don’t feel like you have to be doing it to keep up but it would give us something to do when we had extra gaming time.
  • We need a sandbox mode where we can play our roster against other squads. No rewards needed. Just good fun and practice.
  • Sandbox would be great for learning how an newly activated team function. No risk, no reward
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