My squad, advice please

Hi folks

I have a squad all at 72 level. Leader is Vader with Count Dooku, Kylo Ren unmasked, Royal Guard and Talia.

Talia seems to be the weakest link. As far as dark side characters my next closest 3 are Tarkin, Geo soldier and first order tie pilot but they're a bit behind. Should I persevere with Talia or try and build up one of those and which one?

Alternatively would a light side character fit in instead? I have Poe, Admiral Ackbar, jefi consular and Finn fairly high

Many thanks


  • Jarvind
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    Tarkin makes the most sense, since he'll benefit from Vader's lead and make Vader faster via his unique.

    Talia is a good character but she really only works on a Nightsister team.

    It sounds like your roster is all over the place at the moment - you probably want to start looking at building squads consisting of a single faction (Empire, Rebels, First Order, etc), otherwise you're really going to struggle to get anywhere. If you don't have Phoenix, they're generally regarded as the best faction to start with.
  • Thanks for the advice Jarvind. I'll work on Tariin.

    I had no idea when I started that characters worked well as teams so just powered up whoever.

    Not doing too badly though.. in top 150 in squad listing but every team seems to be Phoenix to compete against
  • BajArab wrote: »
    Not doing too badly though.. in top 150 in squad listing but every team seems to be Phoenix to compete against

    You might want to get yourself a Phoenix squad too so that you can unlock Thrawn and Palp who would work on your current empire team.
  • Will do thanks
  • Just a quick follow-up ip question on this. I've tweeked my team so it's now Vader, tarkin, royal guard, tie pilot and one of kylo, dooku and talia.. when the palpatine event was on I scraped 75 shards... Is there likely to be another event sometime soon to try and get the rest? If so I'll build up my Phoenix squad stronger

  • Waqui
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    Yes, Palpatine's event will return just like any other legendary events (GM Yoda, Thrawn etc.). A long time ago Palpatine's event was on a bi-monthly rotation, but not any more. You will have to check the ecents calendar for specific dates.

    Pharming 5 Phoenix all the way to 7* is still generally adviced for new players. The Phoenix squad will unlock both Palpatine and Thrawn, 2 of them are jedi which help unlock GM Yoda, they pilot ships that are good early.
  • you can check out to get a pretty good idea of when events are returning and do some planning around that.
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