Best smuggler team?

Unlike other gamers who farmed solo toons when they first came out I decided to pass and continue farming for revan. As far as smugglers go what would be the best team to work with? As of now I currently run raid han, ot chewie, and the vets as I had them both done for jtr. I know qira is the only smuggler with a leader skill but as of now I also dont have any work done on enfys despite her usefulness and really want to unlock the final tier of the smuggler event. Should i stick with getting qira done and use my current team? I can easily clear the other tiers and my lowest gear toon is gear 10.


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    Really any 5 of the smugglers can clear the final tier. L3 is very useful because she can heal the team to help with the deathtroopers ignoring protection at he end. Young Han with Chewie's guard is really good. Qira is a phenomenal leader that helps a ton. Young Lando hits hard and can stealth someone who needs it. Nest is great as always, but slightly less useful in this event because aforementioned deathtroopers can kill her quite easily.

    Just pick 3 and you'll be fine. Han and Chewie will carry you through most of the event anyway. For long term benefit, I recommend Qira and L3, and eventually Nest.

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  • If I recall correctly, Han is denied his shoot first ability. Meaning you get mauled by death troopers before you get to respond. I was running Nest, so my priority was dropping the two Death Troopers and then it was all over. I second a good L3 to endure the beating to keep your squishy people alive.
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  • The vets are rough.

    I've got Qira, Chewie, Raid Han, Nest. I have to bring a vet since I don't have the Solo toons up to snuff.

    I haven't lost since Chewie joined the team, but 3* clears are hard with the aforementioned DTs ignoring prot and the bouncing taunt of the shores. Not to mention Krennic stunning all the time.

    L3 or Vandor should help, as will a big hitter like Young Han. Just drop the vets as soon as you can.
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  • My opponent in GA had Qira led Young Hand and Nest. Took me 3 teams to kill it.
    For the smuggler's event top tier I use Qira (L) Raid Han, LegChew, Vet Chew and L3. I fail sometimes to clear it but not more than once per event. RNG at the beginning can bite you.
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    Qira, Han, Chewie...the other two you can literally have anyone else.
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    Vandor makes everything better!
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    I used RHan, Chewie, Yhan, and the vets. Rhan/Chewie g11, with Loyal Friend and Han zeta. YOLO g10, vets g9. Mods make Yolo get guard.

    It's rough, but I pass. Never a three star and every once in a while I fail. It can be done with pretty low standards.

    As for advice? Get Qira, Han, Chewie. Like Dryff said, literally anything else. I find Yolo to be extremely valuable (he soloed GQJ, zBindo, and Kanan this GA), and Nest is always useful
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