Rebel Academy - GP: 189M - Full Heroic / 21 - 23* DS Geo - WAT: 21-26 / 9* LS Geo - Always Growing


  • Still seeking two more members in the Academy, come join us and grow!
  • Hi I'm interested in joining the Academy! I know Carleto14 IRL and he got me into this game a month and a half ago. I haven't missed a day since and have been a top contributor in the casual clan I am in. I am currently level 72 with 210K GP. I know I'm still starting out but if you'll have me I'd like to help contribute.
  • Hey everyone, two slots still open! Join our discord and come learn. We looking for people who are in the 1.3M+ GP Range. Ideally with Thrawn & CLS already. Come join in the raid fun today!
  • Always growing!! Looking for two new members still in the 1.3M or higher range. Come be part of the Academy
  • Come join the Academy.. check out our discord... ask questions and be part of a growing guild that is now powering through Tier 6 Sith.
  • Two slots still open for potential new members.. message me here or join our discord!
  • Up to 74M GP as of today and looking like we will make the 26 / 27 star mark for the Dark Side battles... improving day by day... still looking for two more to join our crew.
  • Another 700k today in GP Growth with two slots still open. Would be great to get two new members to join us :) Join our discord and feel free to ask any questions.
  • Still two slots open.. in the last phase of a teir 6 sith raid ..come be a a part of The Academy.. are you The final piece we need for Traya??? Only one way to find out.. Be. A Rebel...
  • Just about to finish Sith Tier 6, hit 27 DS stars compared to 25 last TB and now up to 75M GP. All while still having two slots open. Come join the ever growing Rebel Academy today!
  • Two slots open!
  • Join a solid crew of folks all looking to grow
  • The Academy is looking for two new people to join the family.
  • Almost at 76M GP now... still two slots open
  • Looking to join an active guild- just started - level 65. Got my Phoenix to 6 stars- working on 7th. Do all my quests and farm 600 tickets daily. Looking for some raids - and a good guild to learn in.

  • Two slots open! We are wrapping another successful run of Sith tier 6. 76M and growing. Looking for Lvl 85's with 1M+ GP. Ideally around the 1.3M - 1.5M range. Join our discord or message me with any questions!
  • seeking Rebel Scum???

    Come Join The Academy...

    two slots the last day of a tier 6 sith..

    Hpit and Haat on farm regularly through the week...

    Looking for level 85s with a minimum of 1.2 GP..

    I’m pkjohnson
  • We are now only looking for 1 more member for now. Come join the academy!
  • We are now full but if you are still interested in the Academy feel free to post here and I'll reach out. Keep in mind that if we do have space its for lvl 85 and GP levels around 1.3M
  • We will have room shortly for 2 new members and we would like to welcome you! Looking for folks over 1M GP who can help us continue to progress in the Sith Raid. Looking for folks with NS and JRT squads. Feel free to post your interest and we will have a chat! :)
  • Two slots open..we need more Scum!!!!
  • 3 Slots open for new folks!! looking for ppl who are around 1.5m GP with all the usual hitters... ideally those able to help us on our journey to hSith
  • Great chance to join a solid crew of folks who are continuing to grow!
  • Still looking for new members, 3 spaces, completing T6 Sith regularly, looking for L85 with developed rosters to boost the guild and help beat T7
  • 3 spaces, need some fresh blood to join us!
  • Guild is dedicated and growing constantly... still 3 slot open... get in before the next event! Looking for folks around 1.5M+
  • We have a few slots open and looking for new members to join us!
  • Take a look at our guild and see if we are a fit. We have 4 slots open at the moment!
  • 3 slot open now... come join a solid crew and growing guild!
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