Getting trolled here

I fought this guy who quit and jumped up a few hundred.syrzeokogl39.png
Then everyone around me kicked my butt cause my GP is half of theirs.
NowI’m lower than the AFK guy.


  • That’s not getting trolled. That’s getting fairly beaten by people with much stronger squads than you have. They didn’t even knock you down out of a higher payout rank. Just work on your arena squad, or consider starting a new account if you’re getting back into the game after a long break. You’re clearly WAY behind your current competition.
    I demand Grand Arena Elo ratings.
  • Naraic
    2232 posts Member
    @Spooderham at that level it's rng who happens to show up on people's list.
  • I must say the middle squad on the 2nd screenshot is very interesting.
  • Yeah I mean ur gp seems like u r lvl 30 or so against lvl 85s. Maybe creat new account and don’t stop playing.

    I started rank 2k behind players that had a month and over head start. I don’t recommend this although I have caught up now it took months of pushing to optimize team.
    And ur going to have to do it against whales they really don’t need anymore advantages lol.
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