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  • I liked old TW head to head best guild wins. That said one different TW a month wouldn’t be too bad if the bonuses were a little less extreme. I don’t like TWs being decided by Jawas.
  • I would like to keep TW vanilla. However, a fun change would be to make TW more like the GA composition. Group of 8 guilds. Multiple rounds of TW back to back. Winning guild advance. That would be a lot of fun.
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    At least we know which TW's to avoid. Defense, watch tv til it's over. At least they aren't saying we voted for this.
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  • @CG_SBCrumb it’s interesting that you said in your post we would be having a vanilla TW like we had for many moons. The vanilla TW on January 27-28 will be only the second time ever with a vanilla TW. There have always been faction bonuses. I do appreciate the heads up on the up coming TW schedule though.
  • We just took a big step closer to seeing a simm button on the splash page. GA, post your best, wait til next round. Rinse and Repeat.
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  • regular vanilla tw's all the time never going to the bans or gimmick tws would be best for me. realizing that some like the gimmick tws id go for 75/25 where we get 3 regular vanilla tws then 1 gimmick tw then repeat the cycle.

    if you do much more than that with gimmick tws i dont think you are listening to the community
  • BubbaFett wrote: »
    My preferences:

    -no character bans
    -reasonable boosts, but not OP
    -boosts for seldom used characters/factions, especially ones released pre-2017 and never had a rework

    This..... And maybe some 3v3 territory action.....

    I’d be ok if we never saw any sort of 3v3 in the game ever again. It’s just a completely different game, and not what I’ve farmed/modded for. It’s already made me not care about GA, what is otherwise my favorite game mode.
  • Always vanilla....
  • 3 normal and 1 bonus tw. For the bonus tw dont give OP bonuses like jawa, ewoks have now that can cause infinite loops. Bonuses like we had before for resistance, bh, FO are fine.
    And please no more character bans ever again.
  • Fix the jawa bugs or change the wording. Thanks.
    • Vanilla TW is the same teams vs. the same teams over and over and over... We allready have a game mode like this, it's called Arena B)
    • They get decided by matchup 90% of the time.
    • It's more of a farming competition, that one of skill

    Special TW's break this pattern. They reward both organized guilds, improvisation, sharing of ideas/teams during the match. - And best off all: they are somewhat unpredictable. Everything else is always the same: raids, events, Arena etc. Please, please, please keep this ever changing game mode for people like me who likes fresh challenges!
  • I prefer all vanilla but am happy to sprinkle in bonuses, if others get a kick out of it. Please less than half the time and not a ridiculous power level though.
  • I prefer all vanilla but am happy to sprinkle in bonuses, if others get a kick out of it. Please less than half the time and not a ridiculous power level though.

    And without bugged effects / misleading bonus descriptions that don’t work as intended.
  • Gorem
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    Jawa bonuses coming back? Time to lvl them up and insta I win button against 5 squads, because using one at a time is better, lol.

    Unless they y'know, fix the bugs of course.

    Just glad that we are getting some normal TW in here, we've only waited near 3months for it.
  • How about 3v3 TW, we already have it in GA
  • I like the option of one TW with bonuses and one TW without
  • Yeah, all I know is I've put mods on my level 65-75 gear 8 jawas to make sure I can use them this time. I didn't realize the obscene OP'ness they'd have the last time.
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    I'd settle for just the email rewards personally. TW has turned into a record attendance keeping project for some of us.
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    Standard "vanilla" TWs going forward is what I would prefer. What I want most is to come up with a better matchmaking system. I feel if somehow the matchmaking was better, that would solve all issues with TW. There is enough variance from TW to TW as time goes on and new upgrades are made or characters are released.
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