Guilds Looking For Mergers - December 2018 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


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    Down Under Darkside is an Australian based guild that likes to take a casual approach to its members, while we ask that you are active in the guild activities (Raids, TB and TW), we don't expect daily ticket contributions and understand the this is a game and meant to be played as fun.

    Our current members are a group of active players that split off from a not so active guild. We have plans to work towards HSTR and would like to fill the rest of our roster with like minded players.

    We are looking for a small group looking to join our guild and be part of an exciting push to complete Hstr so we would require some sith raid teams eg: JTR NS REVAN to be part of your account.

    We have HPIT and HAAT on farm, Join periods and some damage rules apply to give everyone a chance to register for rewards, if you just want to drop a 0 damage on these raids that's ok. We are currently running Tier 6 STR with the goal of working towards HSTR.

    • Level 85, 1mil GP requirement.
    • 53mil GP, 36/50 members.
    • Guild Reset 6:00pm AEST.
    • Heroic Pit and Heroic AAT on Farm.
    • STR T6, average 4 days to clear.
    • Working towards heroic STR.
    • Active in TB and TW.

    Please feel free to join our Discord if you are interested or have any further questions.
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  • Xcessive force is a small guild of 23 players looking to merge with another group to increase our standings and be able to run raids more often and actually participate in TW! We are an extremely casual guild who want to progress but play for fun and are fiercely loyal. Guild details are below.

    Encourage both young and old players, supportive atmosphere, friendly officers always willing to give strategy and assistance. Trying to grow to get HAAT and eventually HSTR. If your looking for a guild that won't interfere with your human life, then look no further!

    The only requirement is be active, no activity for 30 days without notice will get you removed.

    Your guild name: Xcessive Force
    Guild GP: 31 million
    Guild members: 23/50.
    What tier of raids your guild completes and how often:
    Run Heroic Pit, Tier 6 AAT (Trying to get HAAT, hence why on this board!) Tier IV/V STR. All when available. 24 hour no damage on HPIT.
    Average 10-14 stars on TB, not enough members for TW, once again why we are recruiting!
    No minimum level! No minimum characters! Need active members!

    Contact the following via ally code:
    DarthBloodlust: 734-438-896
    Rih Amesj: 588-345-362
    Tier Nan Gorduin: 645-879-568
    Lawson: 483-216-931
    RedSix: 475-791-485

    If you want a fun guild that realizes this is a game for enjoyment, send us a line!


    I would like to offer my help if you are still in need.. You can reach at Kember#0581
    Or in game at 633-366-513
  • THE SENATE is an alliance of guilds that supports players at all levels of play. We are a community of resourceful, experienced players who strive to grow and develop ourselves and our peers to achieve great things! Whether you are a new player looking to get guidance on how to develop a solid roster of Heroes, or an experienced player hoping to reach a higher tier of play with like minded individuals, we support guilds at all stages of the game. As a community oriented alliance, The Senate strives to be a welcome environment where players can feel free to dive into deep roster strategy, or just kick back and joke around with fellow Senate members. The Senate is a place where you can feel like part of a thriving group, and a place to call home.

    We are currently looking for players anywhere from 500k to 4M+ GP, for different guilds with different goals! Our top guild is completing HSTR, with tight entry restrictions. All guilds have HAAT on farm, of course.

    The following requirements apply to all guilds:

    * Have a Discord account and be active
    * Have a profile
    * Participate in all guild activities - TB, TW and Raids!
    * Earn your guild tickets daily; 600 required for some guilds, 500 for others
    * A fun and friendly attitude!

    If you want to be part of an ever-progressing, friendly guild that competes hard and whose members help each other improve as best they can, THE SENATE is the place for you. You will also receive updates and information on all the new content and best strategies in the community. If you want to come and join us to reap the rewards of being in a strong and vibrant, successful guild, come join THE SENATE!

    Come say hello in our Discord server and see what we can offer!

    See you on the Senate floor!


    New guild recently started by the leadership team of a 175M GP guild. We are currently 131M GP with 44 members since starting the guild on 17.01.2019.

    Imperial Death Squadron are looking for a group of players of 15 or more to replace alts at our very social and active UK based guild. We will have all heroic raids on farm later this week after completing the T6 unlock (Rancor unlocked, HAAT tonight and STR tomorrow night).

    Our ambition is to build an alliance of guilds. Our drivers for this are twofold:
    1). We want a group of guilds for all player types.
    2). As a leadership team, we like nothing more than seeing our players develop. This structure enables that to happen more effectively.

    The guild is UK Based, raid times are as follows:

    Rancor 2000 UTC
    HAAT 2030 UTC
    HSTR 2030 UTC

    Raids take place on all days apart from Friday and Saturday, and are open for zero damage 24 hours before attack time begins.

    We have a heavy focus on TW/GA.
    1st win 19th Jan 2019, cleared the board in 3 hours.
    Opposition haven’t got past our first territory.

    If you would like to find out more come and visit us for a chat.
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    we found a nice group to merge with.

    I have a super casual guild who is looking to absorb another guild to be able to complete events and raids. currently we are able to beat Hpit, normal tank and regularly do tier 3 sith. there are 14 of us who are regularly active. now this is a casual guild with no requirements. Any merger that happens, all officers would remain as such. Raids are started EST.
    This is for my Alt character's guild

    I can be reached here or via discord at Trayvis#6197
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    Werde Teil der STARFORGE…

    Starforge, der stärkste deutschsprachige Gildenverbund mit derzeit 12 Gilden und über 1,6 Milliarden GP sucht neue Spieler, die Teil dieser großen und großartigen Community werden wollen.

    Derzeit sucht unser Casual Wing „Takodana“ Verstärkung!

    Derzeit können 10-20 Spieler unterkommen, daher gerne eine kleine Glide, die hoch hinaus möchte

    Um SWGOH in seinem vollen Umfang zu erleben, solltet ihr auf Discord sein, nur hier bekommt ihr viel Hilfe und Austausch mit unseren 900 Spielern in der Community, vom Anfänger bis zum Highendspieler

    Wenn Ihr hoch hinaus wollt, besteht immer die Möglichkeit, auch in eine unserer Progress-Gilden von 70M-210M GP zu wechseln, die fast alle sämtliche Raids auf Heroic spielen.

    Im Verbund geht vieles, was alleine schwer ist! Gemeinsam stärker..

    Mach den ersten Schritt und beginne auf Takodana deine Reise zu den Sternen…

    Kontakt per PN oder auf Discord Halx#0891
  • 80 mil GP guild looking for 5 more. Close to HSTR just need a couple more to push us over. Casual feel 7 day inactive kick. Message for invite
  • WE ARE...

    Ewokolypse CSG
    Casual Starter Guild

    We brought in a whale account to solo Heroic Pit Raid for instant Han Solo shards.


    6.25m GP & Growing !!!



    A new or existing enthusastic player who wants to grow your roster strong within the Ewokolypse Empire.


    A veteran or endgame player who wants to be placed into one of our many HSTH, high GP guilds.

    All rosters and levels welcome !!!

    Wanting to join a fun and knowledgable group of players.


    - Beginer & Advanced Strategy in all game aspects

    - Roster evaluation & farming advice

    - Potential placement in one of our HSTH, HPIT, or HAAT guilds.

    - And more...


    - 600 tix daily preffered

    - Participation in raids, TBs, and TW is highly encouraged

    - Bring 1, bring a group, all are welcome in CSG

    - Leadership positions available if bringing a large group or merger.


    In game chat: 665-777-517 (my alt)

    On LINE id: maxdcm85

    On Discord: Maxxximus#8209

  • Imperial Death Squadron (39/50) 110m GP

    HSTR on farm now!!

    We are a new UK based guild with the strong foundations of a guild. We are looking to absorb 10-15 players.

    Our requirements:
    -600 tickets daily
    -discord profile
    -minimum of 2m GP

    If you’re interested, come and have a chat with us on discord. May the force be with you!

    GotW Shooter of the Galaxy
    -Under New Leadership
    -Need to fill 8 spots

    HSTR - 12pm EST
    Pit - 3pm EST
    Tank - 4pm EST

    Daily 600 and TB/TW partcipation required.

    DM - Me on Discord GotW Johtr#6089

  • We have 12 spots to fill in our guild.

    Basically you need to be active and generate at least 300 tixs.
    We do HPIT, HAAT, TB (25 stars), TW, SITH (tier 6)

    Hit me up
  • We are the Order of Blackblade Knights. Due to attrition, we are at around 25 active players. We are hoping to find another guild to merge with. We currently completing STR at tier 5 and HAAT without difficulty. The main thing is getting enough lvl 65+ players to be able to handle TW and TB well. If you are another guild short on manpower but wanting to start TW and TB, come and join us. I can be reached on discord at adonel#3470, or feel free to join us in game.
  • I'm Delmon Busty, and we are a Guild of 17 with 23,500,000 GP looking to join by merging with another Guild. We're looking for a casual easy-going Guild. No Discord, light on the rules. My ally code is 174-714-377, and connect with me through the in-game chat tool.
  • Falkon wrote: »

    What's up SWGOH fans? The Hive of Scum and Villainy is actively recruiting for a progression guild to merge with our alliance. If you are an independent guild looking for 10 or more players, why keep grinding and recruiting for a revolving door of players? Let us help!

    We have an incredibly organized Discord with experienced leaders, offering game strategy, advice, and fun for players at all levels. Stop losing your high GP players to other HSTR guilds, or forcing your lower GP players to unrealistic ticket or farm requirements.

    Drop me a line here or hit me on Discord at Falkon (AO)#0625. Thanks and happy gaming!

    Hi. Im the leader of tje Chewyjedi droids.. We have recentky lost about 8 good players because we couldnt do heroic Sith we are 32 strong daily players a few of us are over 3.5 gp the rest about 2.5million..we are looking to join an alliance so we can keep the guild name going..hopefully u can help..we are a uk based guild
  • I'm part of a 95 million GP , fairly relaxed guild that is looking to absorb a smaller guild. We do heroic Rancor, heroic aat and tier 6 sith. We are an international guild, so we rotate the starting times of our raids and only have one rule right now, don't be inactive for more than 10 days. Our main goal is Heroic sith, as the core of this guild is strong. Ideally, any guild between 5-20 people could be taken depending on activeness/sith readiness. If interested, lets talk. My ally code is 888-326-123
  • Hey msg me I think we might be able to help eachother out

  • We are looking for 14 players to join our guild! We ask you participate daily and have discord. We are currently doing Heroic tank raid, Heroic pit raid, and sith raid VI. We also ask you participate in Tw & TB ect.
    We have fun we are super successful and SUPPORTIVE.
    We'd like to hear from you

    We are NOT currently looking for a certain amount of GP. Why you ask, because we have all been there and we are willing to help you and grow with you along the way! 😁

    My game ally is : 484-378-812
    Discord: @jojo#8666
    Feel free to msg and looking forward to hearing from you!!!
  • The Dread Masters are a 126m GP, fully heroic, very social, totally independent, and quickly growing guild that takes progression very seriously. We are currently looking for dedicated players with developed rosters capable of contributing to territory battles/wars, and all heroic raids, with at least 2m GP.

    The Dread Masters seek to find the balance between casual and serious gaming. We expect all of our members to play daily in all guild activities, but realize that SWGOH is just a game and that Real Life takes priority. We have no strict ticket requirements, will never tell our members which characters to grind or play, and are free from any alliances. Our current Territory Wars win record is 41-14 and we achieved 40* last Dark Side Territory Battle, and 38* on Light. We run HSTR every four days at 3pm EST, HAAT twice a week at 8pm, and Rancor three times at 10pm. Though it's not required, we highly encourage all our members to use our discord server, and also have a very active in game chat. We track player contributions to make sure all our members are pulling their weight and advancing in power as the guild grows.

    Leave your current stagnant guild for greener pastures, or take a step down from your stressful and intense Elite guild while still earning fantastic rewards. Contact me with your profile via the forms or on discord @crewmeister#9587.
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    ***We currently have 5 spots open if you have a small group looking to make a move

    ***Please read requirements and contact via discord: nSono#4621

    Z Nuttz Tossahs
    149M GP

    You spend a lot of time playing this game I’ll bet. Why not do it with a group with people who actually like to have fun while helping each other out. We are not part of any big alliance and we never force people to farm characters or spend money to get a character.

    The details:
    * Currently 45/50 players
    * Average player GP of 3.3M
    * Guild reset at 7:30pm Eastern
    * HPIT/HAAT/HSTR (24 hour join period)
    * Raid FFA start times 10pm Pit, 9pm HSTR and 8pm HAAT (We usually clear HSTR in a few hours)
    * Very organized leadership with excellent participation and records in both Territory Battles and Territory Wars (guild has over 50 TW wins)

    * Active daily players ideally with similar GP to guild average of 3.3M (can be higher or lower)
    * Have well developed rosters and squads for the various gameplay modes
    * Participate in Territory Battles and Territory Wars (if you join) and follow orders from leadership
    * Discord required for communication
    * Let us know when/why you will be inactive or on vacation (life happens - we get it)

    Contact us on discord:
    Please include a link to your profile and include your GP/Roster readiness information.

    Thanks for considering us.
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  • The Malevolent Marauders are looking to replace 15-18 members who are too casual for the guild.
    We are currently 197 million at 49/50 members.
    An ideal situation would be 15-20 members from a guild who want to step things up a notch come to us and our more casual element move the other way.
    We are UK based and fully heroic. Max stars on LSTB and 47/48 on DS
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    Galactic Force looking for 8 members. Laid back guild.

    2.9 mil average gp. 42 members with 123 mil gp.
    Heroic rancor 3x a week
    Heroic AAT 2x a week
    Sith raid level 6 2x a week

    Ally code:516-413-261
    discord:light matter#0565
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    I'm Hobo11 and we are a guild of 26 with 33,500,000 GP looking to merge with another guild. We are looking for an easy going guild that are light on the rules.
    Update: found a guild.
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  • Guild Name: Our New Guild

    GP = 23+ mil.

    Guild Leader = Tio

    Current members = 30

    Ally code = 155-158-963 (Tio)

    Looking for a 15 - 20 active members guild for merger.

    Player Requirements: We don’t have any specific requirements for players to meet but we do need players that are reasonably active. If anyone needs to be inactive for a time, please just let us know.

    Although our guild name is Our New Guild, this guild has been operating for over a year and a half. We have a few members that can defeat heroic pit on their own but to try and make things fair for all members, we rotate the lead to give lower level members a chance to reap the higher level rewards. We are very close to tackling HAAT and consistently run Sith at tier 5. If you would like to join us, please PM Tio in game at the above listed ally code. Let’s start getting those Han Solo, Kanobi, and Traya shards together. :)
  • I would be interested in inviting you to check out my guild. its a great group of guys. Our guild is very chill compared to most as far as rules or requirements.  We only ask our members to participate in guild raids and TB/TW. The rest just falls into place from there. We have a few openings as some just did not want anything to do with any of the above guild activities so we parted ways. Look forward to hearing from you.
    We can accommodate a guild merger of about 10 to 15 members.
    Guild is Bobbafettish.
    My ally code is 434-645-317
  • Any guild out there that want to start a new alliance. My guild The Chewyjedi Droids is looking at starting an alliance. The reason being we are finding it hard to fill up our spaces with HSTR ready players. We auto farm both other heroics and get about 30 stars in both TW and TB we did have several players leave because they wanted Traya. Ive talked about mergers but this is my guild. I built it over the last 3 years with my brother and friends. We are a uk based guild. In this alliance im hoping like I'm inded guilds to join ..they keep there guild name and leaders and a few HSTR ready players temp join another to help them get shards and vice verse..if we have enough guilds farming will become so easy. Line or Discord for the leader is a must..officers and others is a personal choice. If your interested message me on line (Sir Chewyjedi Droid) or discord Sir Chewyjedi Droid#5657.
    The alliance will be called The kashyyyk Rebels collective [TKRC]
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    MrMars wrote: »
    Igod wrote: »

    No crazy requirements, No pressure, just be active & have fun. We are a fairly active, yet simple guild looking to grow and advance. Fun is our top priority and we do our best to make all guild activities fair and rewarding to all members.

    Simple Requirements:
    Friendly and willing to partake in conversations on the in game chat at least. Discord a plus. Current members at around 1 mil GP and others beyond 1.5 Mil GP.
    *Must contribute towards Guild Tickets daily
    *Must partake in Guild Events

    Currently at approximately 15 members and looking to take on as many needed until fully staffed!!!

    Contact me through SWGOH in game chat ally code 524-487-514 or on Discord: Igod#0762


    You have 15 members, why on earth dont you just merge into a larger guild with similar play style then cling to a guild that you know wont grow? Makes no sense, so many 10 to 15 player guilds clinging to existance that could benefit joining a larger guild. Just odd...

    We pulled it off like a pair of panties!!! We are currently FULL and running all heroic raids!!! STAY TUNED to the fastest growing guild......ORPHAN**
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    Hat sich erledigt...danke!
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  • Who are we
    We are a social medium guild with approximate 25 daily active players.
    Most of us are all adults who like playing games, and are fans of SW.
    We are based in Europe GMT+1

    Heroic rancor
    Heroic AAT
    Sith raid level 5

    1.5 mil average gp.

    What are we looking for?
    Preferred a guild based round the same time zone, this makes it easier for raid planning.
    We are looking for a guild who knows it is just a game, and plays for fun. But still actively
    Languages NL preferred UK is fine.

    Ally code


    2.5 Mill

    Lêgiøn Øf Êuropêans is a Brand New Guild we are starting in LØFÂ. I’m starting it with my 2nd Account which is 2.5 Mill GP I’m looking to Find Small groups of Euro Players or US Players wanting afternoon Raid Schedule for US Players & Evening Raids For Euro Players to join & help grow a great European Guild in our Alliance. I would like to get players 2 Mill GP or Higher & HSR Ready or working on it hopefully by the time I fill it full it’s completely Heroic as our other Guilds in the Alliance, but will consider active Players with good Arena & Fleet Rank due to that shows me they have interest in growing faster. So here’s to new beginnings M8 hope to start finding new players to start this new adventure in the game we all love so much. If interested please send me a private message or find me on Discord. Once again please realize this Guild is starting fresh & it as my others will not Fail. The Guild will be made to fit all European’s Players raid schedule. PS I got Merc’s to Carry us once we are more full when TB’s is not running I already have a group of about 10 or more joining after TB’s Thx Lêgiøn

    Raid Times

    Hpit 7pm UTC or 12pm EST
    Haat 8pm UTC or 1pm EST
    HSR 9pm UTC or 2pm EST


    1. 600 Tickets Mandatory
    2. Discord Mandatory
    3. Registered
    4. 24 Hr Zero Damage on raids
    5. We have a strike system in place if you have two strikes in the week you are automatically removed we are here for fun not to babysit
    6. 100% Communication & Participation In TB & TW On the HPIT do not post damage until 15 mins after the Officer has announced FTA this gives everyone the chance of running a few mins late to start at the beginning

    Lêgiøn Øf Féar Guild Leader & Alliance Creator
    Lêgiøn Øf Fêar Ally 711-156-777
    Discord Legiøn Øf Fêar#9639
  • Hi, We are Pestilence.

    We are a casual guild, no daily requirements. Our members range from new 85 to veterans that started when the game was introduced. Friendly and cooperative atmosphere.

    T6 Sith (Working Toward Heroic), HAAT/HPIT on Farm
    Winning TW Record
    20-25 Stars LS/DS TB and Improving
    3 Simple Rules:
    If you want to join TW, then participate and follow orders.
    If you have a 7* GK/Han, then do zero damage in HAAT/HPIT
    7 Day Inactivity Policy

    Discord Strongly Recommended, looking for 8 like minded individuals to join.
    Contact Synq: Ally Code 661-982-491 or Discord: CLYpogo#2771
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