The Force Within Your Wallet - International 114 Mill. GP Guild - Hstr on farm

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The Force Within Your Wallet
114 million GP

About us:

- 49/50
- International & Independent Guild
- Rotating Raid Start Times

- 2x - 3x weekly HPIT (Sim)
- ~2x weekly HAAT
- 1x - 2x weekly HSTR

- LSTB 35 Stars (10.03.19)
- DSTB 39 Stars (31.03.19)
- TW 80% Win Los Ratio

- Guild reset 18:30 EST

- 1 million + GP required (With atleast 2 Hstr relevant Squads)
- Discord and profile
- Focus is on HSTR improvement. JTR/ Chex/NS preferred.
- Squad arena rank 200 or above

Guild Overview
Chill guild that has been together mostly since Jan 2018 when most were level 50. We are PvP focused and dominate TW. We have a member that has built some custom bots for TB and TW optimization. Great guild with folks from all over the world.

If your interested just join our discord and check us out. We’ve got only a few spots left!
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