Next Cantina farm?

Qira, FO Executioner, Canderous?


  • Canderous. Fox and qira are valuable characters in other squads but you wanna get on farming the next batch of old republic characters that way your ready for the next time around. It's still not official that we'll need him but it's pretty safe to say
  • Canderous
  • It's hard to say without knowing your roster. Who makes the quickest impact? If you have a really good FO squad FOX may be your answer. If you have some really good scoundrels Qira might be.

    I don't believe any of the three you mentioned is a stand alone player or one you can plug in anywhere. Although I have not messed with Canderous so I could be wrong about him.
  • Cancerous. He will be required for whatever is coming in February. I am farming all OR toons now for this reason.
  • I abandoned FOX to farm Canderous.
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