Special bonuses

Really enjoyed some of these “special tw”
While it was exceedingly difficult to get the gang to gear and mod these teams for just 1 tw
It was fun to use these squads again

Op or not it felt like new life was breathed into game

I dont suppose any thought was given to making these boosts permanent? In tw or everywhere?

Wont upset metas really, they were great but i dont see them getting higher than top 50
I dont think those toons will get much use till then

A humble jawa
"and i will show you ... where the iron crosses grow..."


  • I think a rotating selection of powerups should become a permanent fixture in all future TWs. It really spices up the game and makes weaker characters relevant. I would prefer it if there were no more TWs fought without bonuses.
  • Really if you plan these tw, rotating bonus are an incredible headache

    Would prefer perm boosts on older chars
    At least make them competitive
    "and i will show you ... where the iron crosses grow..."
  • But the rotating aspect of the bonus is what makes it fun and interesting for me. If all the bonuses were permanent and all always active then that would remove the variation in gameplay and every TW would be the same. I want it not just rotating, but random rotation, specifically so that you can't plan for it.
  • Nono! I got it


    No planning allowed, no rules or details, no discussion

    Random toons excluded hidden bonuses
    Pandemonium and chaos as simulated difficulty!!

    (This is getting old)
    "and i will show you ... where the iron crosses grow..."
  • I'm not talking about hidden bonuses or excluded toons. What I would like is to have TW bonuses just like we've been having, except that you don't know what the bonus will be until the TW starts. In my ideal game every TW would have a different random bonus which is clearly stated at the beginning of the set defense stage. For instance, this way we don't know a week in advance that Clone Troopers or Mace will be getting a bonus in the next TW, so you can't plan for them or farm/gear them beforehand, but if you happen to have them ready to go then it's an advantage. This would incentivize deep rosters and having less useful toons developed. This is not a ridiculous pandemonium idea like you are suggesting.
  • Did u just say a week in advance?
    What game have u been playing?

    My re was a poke at ea because of current events
    "and i will show you ... where the iron crosses grow..."
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