Fleet is GARBAGE!

Explain to me how fleet works when I'm up 5 v 1 and manage to LOSE?!?

Worst mode in the game continues to be trash. It's never going to get fixed because no one there care about it. But OMG we get the emperors shuttle? Yay for more trash.


  • they fk up with ****, they only think about money and dont care about the balance.
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    u need better toons/ships....just because u unlock a ship u think it should clear the board? invest/play like other players and u might have more success. btw, a single good toon can take out a squad of mediocre toons easy enuf too
  • Fleet requires very heavy investment. The one ship I really invested in was Bistan, and that has been paying off since 1.0.
  • Look, I'll agree that the fleet portion of the game has a few issues, but it's very hard to take you seriously when your post is just you nerd-raging about a loss with very little detail on what actually happened, followed by some generic "it is bad because I don't like it" whinging.

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    First the 5 vs 5 to 3 vs 3, then OP HT and XDB, then insane unbalanced OP Mi lf, yes fleet arena is in Ruin, but to be honest i dont think the RT´s think is bad, because as they say, we see more battles......Like ppl want to do 10 battles both fleet and arena.
  • Explain to me how fleet works when I'm up 5 v 1 and manage to LOSE?!?

    Worst mode in the game continues to be trash. It's never going to get fixed because no one there care about it. But OMG we get the emperors shuttle? Yay for more trash.

    If your up 5 v 1 and manage to lose, I'm declaring PEBCAC.

  • If your up 5 v 1 and manage to lose, I'm declaring PEBCAC.

    Probably, but if he's got a bunch of weak attackers out and is running a cap other than Thrawn, it's entirely possible for a strong HT to time him out.
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  • Reptillor wrote: »
    That's why you have to have 1 counter to HT. HT is everything wrong with fleet. It's an op ship. Get HT with a **** and you got instant uber smash.

    This is what HT looks like after a single attack with Ahsoka's special:


    One more attack and it's gone. Yes, I have a HT of my own, but I wouldn't need it to take out enemy HTs. Biggs, Sun Fac et al are still viable (and just as easily disposed of with Ahsoka and other tank counters).
  • just make a fleet hating megathred already @moderators
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    Fleet has been terrible since 2.0. This latest meta is especially terrible with the Original Falcon over the RNG of Assists. If he assists then easy mode. If he doesn't then you likely lose, and he seems to assist more frequently on defense. It's awful.
  • You'll need Hound Tooth and **** if you want to win... Like you need Revan if you want to win Arena. You did not grasp the concept of this game. The goal is for you to play the game with the toons and ships you're told (****, HT, Revan). Who cares about a balanced PVP ???
  • BTW, **** = Millennium Falcon (you have to write it in full apparently...)
  • BTW, **** = Millennium Falcon (you have to write it in full apparently...)

    Or with a lower case L or an i with an accent. Personally, I like the initialism HMF.
  • Fleets always been stacked in favour of the AI from the beginning. This mode can't be tweaked like the other Arena (Mods), ships have fixed stats and that's it so you rely heavily on RNG but with that being stacked in the AI's favour it makes ships a dull affair especially when coupled with how you farm ships. Frankly I've lost total interest in the mode.
    Unless you break top 50 it just isn't worth the investment or frustration losing matches you should have so clearly won had everything not have been stacked against you.

    I run Geos, the only Meta I chased and what a crock that turned out to be. Whilst they are good they can't compete against HT and HMF now.

    A good example I can use here to back the OP is this (apologies if this is a bit essay like):
    Before the influx of HT I used to find plenty of Geo squads I could go up against. There was this one day where I found a usual suspect in the top 20, he was running the three bugs as was I and I'd faced off against him several times so I knew what his backup was going to be. It's worth pointing out here that my Bugs where all G11 and ships where maxed yet his Spy ship was missing an Omega and the Spy himself was only G10. His SunFac and Soldier matched mine (G11, 5dot maxed mods). Both Capital ships the same except I had a fully maxed special on the ultimate where he did not.
    I had run this match up numerous times and it was an easy win everytime... until this day.

    First Match, he would always go first (this I never understood) why does the AI get to go first ALL THE TIME. His Cap ship would hit all three of my ships applying Ability block to Spy and Soldier and Expose to Sun Fac.
    Convenient as they are the exact debuffs required on the correct ships to cripple them.

    My capital ship goes next and is completely resisted! Match over. All three of his Geos wiped me out before the reinforcements.

    Unlucky I thought... **** happens.

    Tried again, match two... Almost an identical outcome. Outrun, De-buffed and destroyed.

    OK, that's frustrating now... One more time it is then...

    Third Match... Exactly the same outcome. I almost rage quite the game that day!!

    ...and before the "Git Good" comments fly in, this was blatantly the game. As far as my Fleet goes, it was on paper the superior squad, I was just run ragged by stacked AI.

    I only ever experience this with Ships and because it happens more frequently than not coupled with the intense Farming requirements for very little reward, I care very little if at all for this game mode. It's literally Zeta farming that keeps me going but even then I do just enough to get by.
  • Keep in mind that mods play a role in ship speed, does your opponent have 6 dot mods on his cap pilot? On others?
    Side note, I agree with Darth Devito, HMF doesn't get filtered.. use it!
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    Yeah, bring on ship mods!
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    To the OP: why no HMF? You have HT and Boba's ship at 7 stars and both XB and IG2000 at 3 stars, both of which have been Ftp for a while. A five star HMF can make a world of difference and farming the other 2 BH ships to 5 stars alone takes perhaps 2-3 months even now with the reduced attempts (the 8 to 5 situation).

    Do you need HMF to be competitive? These days, yes. For you to not to farm for HMF, that is a curious choice. I mean, you have IG88 at g12 so you like BH (or droids) and his ship hits pretty hard.

    What are your goals for Fleet?
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  • There are other ways to kill HT. I regularly kill it by getting a target lock, hitting it with ITF's "Targeting Computer" which inflicts buff immunity and then Vader's "I have you now" removes any remaining protections ups and all turn meter. Then everyone gets a pop at it and it's usually dead. That's using 2 pretty basic ships, and I have wedge as my last reserve in case something unpleasant happens. He inflicts buff immunity upon entry to battle too.
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    Ship speed is dependent on ship abilities in addition to crew gear, abilities, and mod levels. Pretty much anything that gives your crew character more power also improves the ship. That is why I took the time to max out my Ackbar (all omega abilities, full gear 12+5, all 6* mods). because all those things make Home One faster. If your opponent is running the same capital ship and they go first, then you can regain the edge by improving your crew.

    If you struggle against the Falcon, then farm and gear up Poe, KRU, & their ships to go first and blast it before it gets a turn. If you struggle against Hounds Tooth, hit it with buff & healing immunity and watch it go down.

    Compared to squad arena, fleet meta moves slower and it’s much easier to stay in high ranks once you get there initially. So since Hounds Tooth and the Millenium Falcon are meta, farm your bounty hunter ships to be ready for the next Falcon event. It’s practically guaranteed to last longer than any of the squad metas, so once you get it, it’s more valuable
  • I agree, its very dull and characters need a lot of investment. Granted most of them are garbage.
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    Standard Mlf lineup is beatable by a few combos
    Including Genos (HT, Spy as RI)
    Anakin Endurance
    Depending on level of mods/g12+ parts also Sith with Bomber/Shuttle/Vader/Scimitar/Assasin
    If they have a biggs bistan mlf lineup you can also use FO stun chain

    Actually ship 2.0 brought more variance, however more rng as its only 3 instead of 5 (mathematically)
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