Is Geo Soldier 4☆, G9, Starfighter 7☆ good?

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I have 7☆ Sun Fac G10 with his ship at 7☆. So can I do something with them in starting line or as reinforcements or they too weak?

Any suggestions are appreciated.


  • Waqui
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    Depends on your opponents. Try it out.
  • Geos are a good team under thrawn/tarkin, but it really comes down to where you are. If your surrounded by m f rebels, then dont waste your gear on geos because you wont br able to climb anyway.
  • Rake6
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    Well Sun Fac is getting better to saving me. Just a lil bit more gear for him. He took me back to second place the other day. Its hard. I do t have Falcon nor Tooth. HUSTLIN ALL DAY!
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