Is Geo Soldier 4☆, G9, Starfighter 7☆ good?

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I have 7☆ Sun Fac G10 with his ship at 7☆. So can I do something with them in starting line or as reinforcements or they too weak?

Any suggestions are appreciated.


  • Waqui
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    Depends on your opponents. Try it out.
  • Geos are a good team under thrawn/tarkin, but it really comes down to where you are. If your surrounded by m f rebels, then dont waste your gear on geos because you wont br able to climb anyway.
  • Gawejn
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    I play geos in arena, no ht in my team. They can beat almost everything except millenium Falcon. With HT it is possible to win against falcon but not easy fight. So they are very good but this team has to be maxed.
  • Rake6
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    Well Sun Fac is getting better to saving me. Just a lil bit more gear for him. He took me back to second place the other day. Its hard. I do t have Falcon nor Tooth. HUSTLIN ALL DAY!
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