Stuck With a Mediocre Team

So, I've played the game off and on for a while, and I've been getting more into it now, and realizing that I've wasted a bunch of resources getting a whole bunch of guys partially leveled and geared up. I can't get through Galactic War and I get destroyed in arena every time. I have a partially decent Nightsister team, and I was going to try Imperial Troopers for a while, and scoundrels for the credit heists. So I'm kind of just stuck now. Any advice on where to go from here?


  • Galactic War eventually becomes easy, struggling with it is just part of the game. As far as arena is concerned, unfortunately if you aren't laser-focused on it and lucky with speed mods, top spots are difficult-bordering-on-impossible to attain.

  • I guess I mostly just want to know opinions on where I should focus, based on the team that I have.
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    Nightsisters still do ok in the arena, though they are not META. They can still reach top-100 (better is possible but difficult). Asajj, Daka, Talzin form a good base. You should add zombie ASAP. For 5th spot you can use Talia or Spirit. Always take your arena to the max level. I see your player level is 77 but your characters are trailing. Also keep your best mods on your arena team. Speed is king in the arena:

    The down side of NS is, that they don't unlock any legendary/heroic characters like f.ex. the Phoenix and Empire factions do.

    Scoundrels for credit heist is a great idea. You need those credits to develop your roster. I would recommend building scoundrels that also have other uses, f.ex. ST Han (required to unlock CLS), Boba and IG-88 (bounty hunters and pilots) and Greedo (bountyhunter). Jango comes naturaly when farming Hound's Tooth.

    On a side note:
    You should try finding a 'real' guild instead of your starter guild.
  • Waqui wrote: »
    On a side note:
    You should try finding a 'real' guild instead of your starter guild.

    This is the best advice you can get right here!
    Once I found a guild that suited my needs and was active and communicative, the game soared to new heights for me.

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    Sounds like you're stuck in a mediocre guild. :pensive:

    Edit: kidding aside, go all in on Nightsisters! You will help your guild and have fun in arena.
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  • Finish NS, then go BH or Phoenix
  • Phoenix, then Old Republic. After, imperial troopers n then bounty hunters (prioritize the pilots).
  • Thanks, guys. I appreciate the help. I got a better guild and unlocked the zombie. I know it's a long, slow grind, and I can be patient, but it's hard without knowing where to focus. Nightsisters all the way for now! :)
  • Nightsisters are a fantastic first power squad. They can keep you completing events for a while
  • ...and stop gearing nightsister initiate. you want her to stay low gear for HSR P3.
    for arena go for talzin(l), asajj, daka, zombie and spirit. this team is able to beat even these revanteams, but it is not easy
  • We've still got a lone Nightsister squad poking into the top 50 on an original arena shard. Not going to be #1 but they are persistent and have plenty of uses outside of arena.
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