HK-47 Rework Idea

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This is the first time I’ve tried this kind of thing so please don’t expect anything amazing or super technical, I just figured I’d try my hand at this for one of my absolute most favorite characters in the game, so this is my ideal rework, obviously I also want that Old Republic tag added to him, so here goes.

Superior Firepower
Deal physical damage to Target enemy with a 70% chance to gain Offense Up for 3 turns; apply one Damage over Time effect for 3 turns on a Critical Hit.

Meatbag Mayhem
Deal physical damage to all enemies with a 50% chance each to inflict Ability Block, Speed Down, Offense Down, Defense Down, Damage over Time, and Target Lock for 1 turn. These chances are doubled against Jedi.

Special Ability (Name Pending) Cooldown: 5 turns

HK-47 inflicts Deathmark on target enemy for 1 turn which can’t be evaded or resisted, call a random Droid ally to assist dealing 70% less damage; this ability starts on cooldown.

Assassin Protocal
Droid allies gain 30% Critical Chance and gain 50% Turn Meter on a Critical Hit; Old Republic allies gain half these benefits when attacking.

HK-47 revives with 100% health the first time he is defeated; HK-47 gains 10% Offense for each active Droid and Old Republic ally.

Feel free to give any feedback because like I said, first time, so I’m still learning how to make balanced reworks.

Edit: Added Damage over time on Critical hit to Superior Firepower and new special ability.
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