TW Phoenix walls

maybe someonr can help me understand the issue. Weve never had an issue, and personally I think it's a sound choice for a wall in tw.

But, I've seen a couple of post now. One was a guy looking for a guild.. said "Will not join a guild using Phoenix wall in TW." Today I saw a guild ad in forums; headline said, "Tired of Phoenix walls? Come up you game 170m hsr."

I don't get it. I mean there are 8 char territories what's wrong with setting Phoenix. Your defense should be good in other areas that once they get to your Phoenix, its a very viable wall... correct?


  • If Phoenix walls are so yesterday... what faction are you using to replace
  • I doubt someone stuggling with Phoenix walls in TW is ready to contribute to a 170m HSR guild. Not talking about OP, but Phoenix walls aren't really much of a thing long before HSR becomes farmable. Now Traya/Revan walls, those suck.
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  • A well modded and geared wampa can solo a phoenix squad. For more security, throw in a taunter and something that gives wampa tenacity up.

    It's not a horrible wall, it's viable at lower guild tiers, but at higher levels it gets walked over. It does leave you with better options to attack with though.
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  • My g9-10 Phoenix team won won me a GA round against an opponent that had 20 more g12 characters than me and both Revan and Traya maxed. Problem was his g9-10 people were not as good as my Phoenix and took 3 tries to beat them.

    So, they are cracked on because they are a beginner team but its not justified. They have excellent synergy and you need at least an equal or better team to beat them. They can't be cheesed easily and they save you better teams for O. Also ships are boss. High GP guild may not use them and hold them out as inferior but use what you have. Absolutely nothing wrong with them.
  • leef
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    most common walls my guild(195m GP) faces:
    • Sith (traya)
    • Jedi (revan or bastila)
    • First order
    • Bounty hunters
    • NS
    • Scoundrels (qira)
    • Ewoks
    Honerable mentions (which guilds usually leave for offense)
    • Rebels (CLS)
    • Resistance (JTR)
    • Imperal troopers (veers)
    • Empire (palp)
    Phoenix is widely considered the best starting faction, but weren't that interresting for older players. Still, pretty solid faction but it does take alot of gear which is arguably better used on any of the above mentioned factions.
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    Quite simply, there is no issue.

    If you have Phoenix powered up, as most people do, then you find a use for them in TW.
  • Blackbeardpepe
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    Most people stop their Phoenix once they 7* palp and thrawn. They require a lot of crazy gear and the return is best in ships.

    I have my phoenix zetas and gear 11, but that's still not enough. I was able to beat g12 zetas Phoenix with wampa before.

    Maybe around 120 mil GP and below they are good, but anything above that you need...better...

    If a wampa can beat your team, it's just not going to work out at 170m.

    I do want to point out TW is different than GA.

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  • I also went back and looked at that guild advert - at the time it was written (in 2017) they were an 80m guild. They just never changed the subject line.
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  • Heh, in this war, I used a Rex/Wampa squad to kill a g12 5-zeta Phoenix squad. It was super easy.
  • Farmboy Luke is also good as a toss in leader with Wampa. Normally just enough tenacity boost to avoid the dreaded daze. He's not normally used anywhere else.
  • There's a GP level were phoenix walls are no longer effective, I forgot when we stopped using them, but we enjoy when opponents still put them up because they are a freebie at this point.
  • ...and even if you have them all high geared its questionable if you'll use them together, because you might need ezra in a jedi team (revan or bastila) and chopper in the jtr squad...
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