To Logray Or Not To Logray?

Need some help community... I've got the following Ewoks...

I am wondering if I should continue trying to farm Logray or not. The issue is that if I keep farming him I won't be able to gear up the other Ewoks nearly as fast and may only get them to G9/G10 for the next C3PO event.

Should I continue farming Logray or can I get 7* C3PO with zChirpa, Paploo, Teebo, EE, and ES if they are all G11+?


  • Depends on what do you mean by farming Logray. If you are buying him from shipments and otherwise you'd be buying gear then you are better of gearing.
    If you are only farming him from guild store then go on. That store should not be such an important gear source to prevent you from buying 5 shards for 450 currencies every once in a while.
  • Keep collecting Logray. Hold off gearing him until he is 7*, gear the others in the interim.
    Logray is a great member of an ewok squad, you will want him whether or not heis ready in time for C3PO.
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