[MEGA] General Grievous’ Leadership and Damage Clarifications

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

There has been some confusion around the rework of General Grievous and several posts concerned that the damage Grievous can deal is less than what has been shown to be possible in the footage we provided for preview videos.

What this has revealed to us is that we need to give more information and be clearer about character intent. While we generally avoid it, because we don’t want to be prescriptive, and because quite honestly, we are fearful of posting something that is wrong later, or can be beaten another way - understanding our intentions will help you all make decisions about how to use these characters as you see fit. We will work to formalize this kind of post moving forward.

Two key parts of the kit to keep in mind:
  • His Basic Attack, Furious Assault, deals damage based on his Max Health
  • His Unique, Metalloid Monstrosity, increases his max health each turn

This means General Grievous' should be solely modded for health if you are looking to maximize damage. With max gear, max abilities, and 6 dot mods (3 Health sets, 2 Health primaries, and 1 Critical Damage primary), the Grievous in the sample footage had around 65,000 health. This is not the usual modding strategy for attackers which traditionally care about Speed and Damage, and may seem counterintuitive to people first picking up the kit. Additionally, when looking at the damage in the footage, keep in mind that Grievous' unique, "Metalloid Monstrosity", increases his Max Health throughout the fight. As such, Grievous' damage will look different at the start of a battle compared with the end of the battle.

We have also seen reports that General Grievous’ Leadership, Daunting Presence, is not decreasing the enemy team’s armor but we didn’t find any issues during our investigation and given the damage variance of all attacks and the way armor is calculated, many characters, such as B1, already have enough defensive penetration naturally to overcome the damage mitigation from armor without any assistance.

As for Grievous' -50% Defense on his Leadership specifically, it won’t have a noticeable impact on targets with low armor. In general, this is very difficult to detect the impact of armor penetration as most PvP and PvE units have little armor to mitigate. However, you can test this with units that have a large amount of armor like the Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid version of Sion or against player-obtainable Sith Trooper, Stormtrooper, and CT-5555 "Fives" in order to see a more observable difference.

Hopefully this clarifies some things, as always keep providing your feedback. We have addressed several of the issues that came up yesterday in today’s hotfix, and will continue to monitor and make any appropriate changes.

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  • The scrap man will love GG.
  • Iy4oy4s wrote: »
    Sad thing is is that I was ready to spend some real cash to get this team as I am sure others were as well, but this is disgusting. Waited 3 years for him to return to the droid heap. What was the whole point in reworking him now?

    I was also ready to spend money on this team...
  • Dar_Penthar
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    It sounds like GG is basically intended to be a Raid Character... I've been waiting to decide who to gear, GG and his droids, or finish off my Revan squad. So I'm glad I have my answer. It is still puzzling as to why it was so difficult to unlock GG back in the day. It took months of shard store currency farming to unlock him and he has never been worth it.
  • VallejoMach
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    Well, Ahnald's footage had him around 60k health and 6e mods and he was still garbage. Oh well, guess they won't be selling too many droideka and B1 packs.

    On the other hand, can't say hopes were high to begin with. Following hype trains is nearly always an exercise in futility and who on Earth thought a couple of old freely available characters and a couple of rushed out 3* marquees was going to somehow topple a top-end, formerly $500 pay-to-win, Hero Journey character anyway?
  • My issues to be frank is arena is getting stale with a meta of all the same team. It wouldn’t be so bad if Grand arena was every week because that would keep my mind occupied but it’s not and you can’t even try other teams because it’s that oppressive. And anything that comes out in the future can be direct focused by revan which basically annihilates a toon. I’m not sure direct focus would be that oppressive if revan was a slower character so you can actually take a turn or mark was dispellable so Grevious unique actually worked. Just my thoughts
    Line: xSNAKEMAN
  • Andril wrote: »
    Iy4oy4s wrote: »
    Sad thing is is that I was ready to spend some real cash to get this team as I am sure others were as well, but this is disgusting. Waited 3 years for him to return to the droid heap. What was the whole point in reworking him now?

    I was also ready to spend money on this team...

    I had $200 in iTunes gift cards saved for my first marquee whale out. I guess I’ll just farm Droideka when it’s available.
  • AKAren
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    Deleted for being wrong. My bad.
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  • Iy4oy4s wrote: »
    I sank some money and zetas into his team. I feel mislead. Give the GC back their good test accounts so they can properly test these things out for us.

    MobileGamer has a video up from his test account where he used various top teams to attack a fully maxed, fully moded GG/droid team. They have test accounts and are able to properly test things. If some of the GCs don't want to spend the time to get characters or teams put together on the test accounts, that's on them.
  • You provided footage showing that this team was arena viable. It is not. That is bait and switch. I hate that this game has become Star Wars: Galaxy of Old Republic and I’m considering taking my ball and going home. This is such a poorly managed company it’s stupid.
    Ooba hutar.
  • EduardoCadav
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    AKAren wrote: »
    Daishiva wrote: »
    I have 5/6 g12 and 3 health sets with two 6e health primary mods and I only have 60k. They must have some real good health secondary stats on all their mods as well.

    Dishonest marketing showing a team with completely optimal mods that will take players weeks to farm with how tough mod farming is.

    GG gets almost 60% of his health with 4 pieces of g12/g12+ gear. At 45k+ health, health % secondaries are the way to go. There’s no way to get that high with straight # health secondaries.

    I have a health set with 2.5 to 4.5% secondaries which would have put GG around 69k health (only 1 6 dot and not in a health primary) so his health is possible to get high, but I’m now saving those g12 pieces.

    5 x g12 pieces = 25,750 out of 45,627 max health.
    52.37% health in the set I had reserved for him = 69,522

    It's not really important at this point @AKAren but thought I'd let you know that actually you wouldn't be getting that high health unfortunately. That's because the only part that 52.37% from your mods applies to is the health from pre-gear 12 peices. So your total health calculation is roughly 19877 + 19877 * 0.5237 + 25750 = 56037.

    The actual calculation is a bit more convoluted as the 16*40 = 640 health you get from the strength on the multitool is infact included when calculating the % added from mods.. but that's a pretty small difference of arround 320 health or so.

    Anyways, like I said, not important but thought I'd let you know incase you do gear up and mod and get less health than expected at the end of it.

    Edit: rather important miss typing of one of the numbers, sorry.
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