Fast way to earn credits?

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I'm looking for a fast way to earn credits in a short amount of time. I recently started a second account because I felt my old one was so far behind it was useless to keep going. Anyways, I'm in need of credits because of the upcoming Thrawn event. I've got a full 6* team of phoenix, with Ezra and Zeb being 7*. Kanan, Hera, and Chopper are very close to 7*, but I'm in need of credits, as I won't be able to get them to 7* before the event ends. If I'm correct it costs 1M credits to get a character from 6* to 7*, and I'm very low on credits. I've looked at other posts about credits, but they all have the answer of "build a scoundrel team." This isn't an option for me right now, because of my short time frame. If anyone could help that would be wonderful! Thanks for reading my pretty long post.


  • Credit Heist
    Arena Shop, 1200 Arena currency for 600k
    And 300k on tomorrow daily challenge
  • Kyno
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    The only way to make things go faster than building the right teams to be able to try for the max income available in events, is to spend crystals.

    You can burn arena shop currency to get there, but I take it you are probably low on that too.
  • Vendi1983
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    Don't spend arena currency on credits unless you're 100% done your capital ships and all the farms. Way more beneficial to get the crucial characters from there and the capital ship Prestige currency.
  • liamx27
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    Yea I'm using my arena shop currency to get Kanan up to 7*, but I didn't know about the mod selling. Thanks for the ideas all of you though. I'll work on GW as well, thanks!
  • Waqui
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    If you're out of other options, sell mods and buy credits in the arena shop.
    Secrets and shadows event can earn you 2 x 3 x 200 k credits.
    Raids will earn you more credit the higher you rank.

    You have plenty of options to earn that credit before Thrawn's event ends.
  • Vendi1983
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    Galactic War - approx 625k per day if you clear it
    Credit Challenge - 415k (105k x 3 per challenge day) - and then 3 times in a week
    Daily activity rewards - approx 250k (35k ish per day) for the whole week

    So in a given week without the following:
    - Raids
    - Credit heist
    - Any special event (AB, Marquee, Legendary, Omega etc)
    - Daily farming (amount you earn is node and energy dependant)
    - Grand Arena battle rewards

    You should earn:

    5.62 million credits

    I will also add you get significant credits for completing each Tier of the event. 500k for Tier 6 and 1.0m for Tier 7.

  • liamx27
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    Vendi1983 wrote: »
    I will also add you get significant credits for completing each Tier of the event. 500k for Tier 6 and 1.0m for Tier 7.
    Wow nevermind, I didn't know about the credits you got for completing each tier. Thank you for that, I can probably get my remaining characters to 7* with that. Thanks!
  • Sell you mods bud. Anything 4 dot and below. Any arrow 5 dot that isnt crit avoidance or speed (imo) and all other mods if therenis nonspewd in a secondary duece. I get 3 or 4 million in credits every 2 or 3 weeks
  • All these answers focus on spending energy and tokens on Credit.
    So if we do even more Credit, what would be the best method?
    We can buy Energy and do LS/DS battle, Mod Energy and sell Mods, Cantina Energy and do Cantina battle, Fleet Energy and do Fleet battle. There are these Credit data-card/mega-pack/ultra-pack in Store Resources. For an indirect method, you can refresh Arena and get more Arena token and Crystal to buy more Credit.
    Which would be the most efficient in Credit per Crystal ratio?
  • liamx27
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    Yea, I think I'm going to rely on the credits from completing each tier, as I can complete up to tier 6 without needing any credits.
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