GA worth the effort?

What do you think guys,is it worth the effort to play GA for 6 days to get 3 omegas/zetas and half of an item(1st place only).I thought that the old rewards could get a little better not worst...


  • Nope, that why I sandbag until the final round and hope my opponent likes it less than me and take the 2nd tier of rewards.
  • If you don't enjoy playing GA then don't. I enjoy GA, so I play it no matter what the rewards are. If you don't enjoy playing it and just do it for the rewards, then don't. Personally I don't think the rewards would be worth if it was a game mode I didn't like, especially since it is 6 days.
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    I'm definitely gonna play it, but it's more because I enjoy it than the rewards.

    If I start enjoying it less, I'll prolly still play it. It doesn't give very large rewards, but its almost always stuff I need.

    I think the only thing thats 'not worth it' is a few of the non-mythic assult battle tiers. But plenty of ppl can auto thatl
  • Why are you playing the game? Does GA help fulfill that reason for playing?
  • The rewards probably should be a little better for both the game time and mental strategy juggling time invested. If it's a simple question of the rewards being worth the time, the answer is no...

    There's so much more to it though and if you enjoy the game then the ability to have battles against decent strength opposition is great ( unlike gw ). Having to come up with clever counters to teams because no one's roster is perfect is immensely satisfying when it comes off . When it doesn't, it's a great learning experience. Beating someone with a far superior roster is a great feeling and just adds to the fun.

    I feel like that then translates to better tw performance which helps everyone in the guild.

    I think most of us play the game because we enjoy it and for that reason I love GA, but if for some reason the game has become a chore and you want to invest the minimum time for max rewards, then this mode would fail an ROI test.
  • Not for the rewards but GA has helped me to have a better grasp on teams I don't normally use. It's sort of a de facto sandbox.
  • I think its okay when you dont get everytime zetas. Sometimes the prizes are just not so great. I try to do it still for fun. Athough i would be more happy about some zetas an stun guns :D
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    And enough slicing materials to promote two V-A mods to 6-E....
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    Still playing!
    All about taking the best rewards away from others.
  • It is not worth for the rewards, but can be fun to play. Especially now that they reduced gear rewards even further...
  • It’s fun to play and talk trash with your ur opponent. Rewards outside the zetas are kinda not worth it
  • Play for fun and get what you get
  • Directly, the rewards might not seen as being worth it, but when you basically get two free 6E mods out of a victory and compare that to the 7800 guild tokens and 3000+ mod salvage energy it would have taken you otherwise, they're not bad.

    That 7800 guild energy would be worth ~140 Stun Gun / Cuff / Carb Salvage.

    So, yeah, totally worth it for the time investment. And if you like TW and want to help your guild win, there's no better place to practice since GW has been neutered.
  • Not worth the rewards, but I just set some stupid defenses and not even attack. I'm always pitted against someone way more stacked than I am. I'm f2p, and have geared up characters that doesn't matter any more.
  • I was already frustrated with the GP mismatch with a whale every time, not fun. But I still played GA, learning experience and all, won sometimes. Thing is I'm nowhere near an end-gamer so mod slicing rewards are not much of a reward, I don't even have any mods worth slicing yet. I'm boycotting GA for now until they come up with a better mix.
  • I find the omega rewards VERY un-motivating, versus when Zeta are up for grabs. The Omegas combined with only HALF a gear piece really have me not giving 2 sheets about this GA. Maybe I'll care about the next one, but I find I would MUCH rather have the gear than some slicing mats that are easier to obtain
  • You have to enjoy playing this mode first and foremost. Rewards are the icing on the cake. I play GA to win. I wouldn't have complained if these were the standard rewards from the get go. But nerfing them, effectively making it so that you have to win 3 instead of 2 for the same rewards - that just rubs me the wrong way.
  • Don't get me wrong,the GA event in general it's a good thing,it can be lots of fun and it can help you understand team and how they work better.My question was just about the rewards because by name its Grand Arena,so it should be greater then the regular arena in every way that includes rewards.Everybody that playes GA is playing for the fun of it and not for the rewards and thats really good,but can it be more fun if the rewards are better and maybe will make more ppl play insed of just deploying?If i join a GA i want to have some good battles and if i win i want it to be by a couple of points insted of a free 3 wins in a row.
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    level all of your characters to 85 and gear them to atleast g7, you'll probably encounter alot more players who put in the effort to win ;)
    (obviously don't do that if you want to win)
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  • I guess coming from a MMORPG background, I see this and similar areas the same. They are there to be farmed. Get what you can and move on. Do not worry about winning or losing. I am so used to grinding I just see these areas as another grind spot. I really don't care if I will or lose. Gimme some shiny stuff and send me off to the next area. These events are geared to promote you to deepen your roster. So, choice is yours. My suggestion is as always. Work on one team at a time. Finish them, rinse and repeat. Once you get a decent roster, you will be better able to achieve some amount of success. 'Til then, coast, stay focused. Ignore, meta etc. You'll do just fine.
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  • Even though I’m not a fan of the revamped rewards I still like to put unique teams on defence and test out various factions I have. I enjoy the challenge aspect of it.
  • My minimum baseline character is gear VIII, level 80. Once I determine they are needed, they either go to Gear XI or XII depending on the need. However, with new characters, I leave them unlocked until they are 7*.

    I've done this forever, and unfortunately this has been pretty impactful as far as GA is concerned. Therefore, I can't really change the past and I just accept it until GA is revised to where I can control the outcome better.

    Keep the rewards low, so I don't feel like I'm missing out and can continue to collect as I see fit. Arena has always been the priority for me anyway.

  • I’m full FTP (15months old account) —> I’ve kept most 7* at lvl 1....and heavily focused on getting G11+ and Speed secondaries on focused teams for 1) Arena 2) Raids 3) Pilots 4) TB
    I think it’s better to have 8 fully developed teams with Zetas and G12+ than 100 at 7* with G8 surely?

    So far I’ve not even come close to losing even a single round of GA. so I must be doing something right!
  • I’m full FTP (15months old account) —> I’ve kept most 7* at lvl 1....and heavily focused on getting G11+ and Speed secondaries on focused teams for 1) Arena 2) Raids 3) Pilots 4) TB
    I think it’s better to have 8 fully developed teams with Zetas and G12+ than 100 at 7* with G8 surely?

    So far I’ve not even come close to losing even a single round of GA. so I must be doing something right!

    Absolutely! That's the big point of contention of the megathread about this subject. Older players kind of get shafted as GA didn't exist prior to, and have a lot more fluff that previously wasn't an issue.
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