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Hi Holotable Heroes,

As we mentioned previously, because we are pushing the event live shortly after the patch is pushed tomorrow (pending any critical issues), we wanted to share with you the gear needed to upgrade Darth Revan so that you can get ready to start competing with him quickly. The gear list is available to viewed on

One thing to note is that there are two new pieces are gear are needed for Darth Revan’s Gear tiers 8 and 9. Both will be available to earn from nodes but we will have more details to share about these gear pieces with the Update notes tomorrow (barring any critical issues Monday).
  • Name: Mk 7 Kyrotech Shock Prod
    Level requirement: 67
    Strength: 24
    Potency: +5%
    Health Steal: 5%
    Salvage Location: Light Side - Normal Stage 7-2
  • Name: Mk 9 Kyrotech Battle Computer
    Level requirement: 78
    Health: 600
    Armor: 25
    Speed: 3
    Tenacity: 10%
    Salvage Location: Dark Side - Normal Stage 8-1

See you on the Holotables!

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  • There is a new Gear piece for Darth Revan, anybody know about it? How to craft?
  • vincentlondon
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    It s the mystery piece before gear 13 comes
  • Whys it say g8 next to revan photo?
  • Monel
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    I am not saying it's not true but things that have been posted there have changed after character release in the past. Salt? I'll take a grain please.
  • Still says subject to change
  • Now i have 2 new gear:

  • Atlas1 wrote: »
    Putting Carth on a single ship node is the paywall.

    It'll make sure old and new players will pay.
  • Possible bonus tier reward tier 7
  • It's been confirmed by them, there will now be a new paywall just to get Darth Revan past gear 8 and gear 9 lol
  • That's like telling them to quit their job or sabotage it so they get fired. CG made a ton of money from Jedi Knight Revan. We may not like it, but they found a way to make money introducing these new pieces. Foolish idea? If they get a lot of people to pay so they can top arena charts, how is that foolish? It's just smart business.
  • I figured there would be a higher gear requirement for the required toons in the event. Not totally new gear at a lower level.

    Atleast you told us now. Still pretty crappy
  • Really?
  • I hope these pieces will be added to the guild shop or shard shop or something. Farming gear only from nodes takes forever.
  • Really?

    Does it surprise you? :D
  • I hope these pieces will be added to the guild shop or shard shop or something. Farming gear only from nodes takes forever.

    or you buy those packs ;)
  • Whiteroom wrote: »
    Pretty poor.
    Designer 1 "We designed him poorly so need to do more testing"
    Designer 2 "But everyone will have him unlocked by then, how do we make money on packs?"
    Designer 1 "Easy, make a new piece of gear that will take ages to farm but sell it in the shop"
    Designer 2 "But what if we do 2 of them. I need another holiday"

    😂😂 Designer 2 works undercover for EA
    he has the best ideas
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