Darth revan disapointment



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    Darth Revan has returned to crush the Republic and defeat the Jedi once and for all.
    CG_SBCrumb 🤣

  • miketo
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    Stenun wrote: »
    Less than 24 hours after his release and you're already throwing in the towel?
    Heck, the event is still live for 6d8h as I type this and so you've seen him in action for, what, a few times in 12 hours and already you're moaning that he can't beat the teams that players have spent months perfecting?
    Do you not see that as a little reactionary?

    Give it a bit more time. Nobody promised Darth Revan would instantly catapult you to Rank 1 in the Arena. Figure out the strategies and tactics beyond the immediately obvious, or wait for others to do so and then make their findings public, before coming to a final conclusion.

    Well, JKR owners have perfected mirror matches (except me that is, I suck at mirror matches), but didn't have much time to learn how to defeat darth revan. Yet, they can, which is a bit surprising. Sad thing is, one more p2p toon will make darth revan meta.
  • Stop saying Drevan, it's the most stupid shortcut name ever devised. Now, all I must say is that I feel ashamed for some of the players in this community, demanding that because they paid money for something they are entitled to a squad that can't even be beaten on defense by anything out there. Sorry but this is toxic and shameful, the game isn't yours, you don't own it. You don't own a right to have an unbeatable team because you paid 300 dollars, I'm sorry but DR is strong as hell and he can beat Jedi Revan without struggle in a stress free and non time consuming manner.

    I just wanna know one thing, most of you are in a shard chat anyways, so you rotate in payouts with people who Stang out of your way and then you stand out of their way. Why would you even want a squad that can't be defeated? You get your 1st place regardless. The only thing where an undefeatable squad would matter is in GA, but GA is about competitiveness and strategy, paying to win it literally defeats the purpose of it. No sense of accomplishment or outplaying your opponent with superior strategy, just knowing you payed 300 dollars to win automatically.

    To sum it up, ALL squads must have a way of losing on defense, otherwise it's cancer that will ruin this game once and for all. Jedi Revan could lose to Traya and some times CLS with good RNG, Darth Revan must also lose to something

    I guess someone is having a harder time at the game than "Drevan"
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