Question about shard packs for Bastila, T3-M4, etc

Searched previous posts and couldn't find anything, sorry if this is a repeat question.

There are 3 real money packs for the Old republic characters needed for Jedi Revan, 50 shards guaranteed. Can anyone tell me if these packs re-appeared when the event came around again? I may spend some money if I can guarantee a return.

These are the packs I am referencing:
Heroes Of Legend: Bastila Shan & Jolee Bindo Bundle
Heroes Of Legend: Zaalbar & Mission Vao Bundle
Heroes Of Legend: T3-M4 Bundle


  • Smidday
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    I’m pretty sure they did in February but I was almost finished the characters but the end of January so I didn’t buy them, you’re probably better saving crystals and buying the shards from the weekly store if you need them, last time they appeared in the store. This way you’re guaranteed 25 shards
  • Those packs always seem to be offered whenever the journey events come back. That's how I got the vets finished for JTR (I farmed each only to 50/100). I think it's safe to say they'll be offered again. Unless of course, you've already purchased them. Those packs that you spend actual money on and not crystals are one-time purchases.

    My Jolee/Bastila farms are way behind the others so the fact that they come in the same pack will probably prompt me to do the same this time around as well.
  • Ive got jolee ,big Z, bastila at 7* and misson 5* and t3m4 are 3* I hope to at least get mission done.. Might have to start buying shards for t3m4 at least to start it!!
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