How has Darth Revan impacted your arena so far?


  • mlb1399
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    It’s been great. I barely move out of the top 5 and the top 5 is mainly DR now
  • Huatimus
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    It’s been great, more than 10 Darth Revan in the top 50 now and I only dropped to 9 yesterday. Fights also go so much faster. A lot of the 2nd timer Revan with crap mods can’t even break into the top 10 now so the guys at the top drop less overnight.
  • mvmss
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    Azazel61 wrote: »
    mvmss wrote: »
    Top 50 is 19 DR, 30 JKR and 1 CLS right now. My shard is brutal.

    There are quite a few more DRs still not there simply because they belong to people who are not rushing to gear the team, like me. Eventually, they will get there.

    Sounds like my shard. Maybe we’re in the same.

    Top 20 is mostly DR and outside that is JKR.

    I’m still taking 1st with JKR, but having to climb from 50.

    If you are Azasal, then, yes, we are on the same shard :smiley:
  • So much easier to climb at the top of the arena now......Darth Revan teams are so easy to beat with Jedi Revan.
  • Top 50 , 30 DR , 1 ns , 2 cls and 17 JKR
  • top 50 only 2 of us running dr lead right now- a few traya leads, a couple ep and a few cls. Still vast majority is jkr. I'm loving the 1 minute arena matches again though.
  • 5 people have switched to Revan so far. None have used the full Sith Empire lineup. One is using Talzin+Zombie (which stumped me a few times until I figured out how to approach it) and the others are using a combination of Sion/Nihilus/Sith Trooper.

    There's also one or two people using Revan and Bastila under a Traya lead and one using Palp lead.

    The rest is JKR with a couple of CLS and one lonely NS team holding in there
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  • Jan ‘16 shard.
    7 DR teams in the top 11, and another 14 are being tooled up in the top 40.
    The rest of the top 50 are a few Traya and CLS teams with balance JKR teams.

  • CHFC22
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    Always ask this question after the 2nd event. That's when you'll see any difference
  • Good luck beating dark revan with revan ^^ in a full lineup it is not possible ^^
  • Hortus
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    Both top-10 and top-50 split almost evenly between DR and JKR with more or less DR advantage. Other teams are virtually non-existent (usually 3-4 in top-50, almost never in top-10).
  • Its been great being able to climb with a team thats not revan, cls is bae
  • Mirkraag wrote: »
    Good luck beating dark revan with revan ^^ in a full lineup it is not possible ^^

    There is and has never been an impossible to beat team in this game. Jedi Knight Revan can beat Darth Revan on offense and vice versa.
  • There was a point yesterday where the top 10 were all DR. Used to intimidate me, until a guildie told me a trick to getting past DR. Now I am just happier about the quick battles. JKR, DR, it's just another Arena fight.
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  • I took back my spot in top 20. I hold on defense too. Full sith Empire. Love it!
  • My shard has about 30 active DR squads and will have about 50 in a couple weeks. We already have worked out that there is a counter rock paper scissors system. It is a mix of JKR, DR, EP and Bastila. DR destroys JKR. EP destroys DR. Bastila destroys EP. Some very good well modded JKR can pick off a weaker team or 2.
  • Not so much for rank 200ish.
  • A few more people, including myself, have been able to get DR to G12 in the last few days, so now there's 8 DR, 2 CLS, 1 Talzin, 4 Palpatine, and 1 Traya. I like the increased diversity so far.
  • Lots of darth revans. I love it! The return of the scoundrels! They can beat darth revan. Its fun again!
  • Madlax
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    I really love the change! I dont have the best mods so my JKR team used to drop from top 20 to 150+ over night. Now my DR team only drops from top10 to 30-40ish.
    As far as diversity goes, the only NS team in my top50 switched to DR and right now in my top 50 we have 21 JKR, 1 Traya, 5 Palp lead DR and the rest DR with various compositions incl. Talzin Zombie Sion Chewie Trooper and even one with bb8 and r2
  • Keydash1
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    My shard about equal amounts of JKR and DR, some of the DR are running Palp lead. A few CLS teams in there too - FYI, CLS can easily beat the DR-Talzin variant if your CLS is fast enough.

    At first, JKR could reliably beat DR. Then the DR folks figured out better comps and mods. But they aren't unbeatable, it's just an arms race. Soon enough the JKR folks will adjust, and new counters to DR will be found. DR wins through massive offense and crippling debuffs, but it is not very resilient. It has no revive, and outside of HK it doesn't have much heal. The ferocity nerfs defense so much that DR can easily kill himself with counter attacks if he uses AoE at the wrong time. DR clearly has weaknesses, it's only a matter of time until the meta finds efficient ways to exploit them.
  • I just got hammered by a EP lead team with DR, DS, DN, and **** Fallen. Rosted. And my team is decent. Not uber, but decent. Got hammered. Here is my squad..
  • DadKev
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    I have no idea. I can barely stay in the top 400 in mine. Never bothered looking.
  • DaarthBrewer
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    Now there are 13 Dr. Evans in my top 50, 1 EP and 1 Traya, rest (myself included) are Revanue. Sitting at 63 and none down to 50. Edit 53, not 50.
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  • My arena shard is from the beginning of the game, so everyone who still plays is a dedicated veteran. That said, a good handful of us are down to shell the $$ for characters.

    The top 15 of my shard are all DR. We have 1 guy who runs CLS into everything, we have 1 Talzin and 2 Traya leads. The last 30ish are all JKR. People with JKR probably go back to the top 200, and any one of them can break top 50.
  • How do u beat DR with JKR? Like seriously, and i'm not talkin bout the talzin zombie variant either. Is there a way?
  • mali3538
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    In TOP50, there are ~30ish DR or Palp with DR, ~15ish JKR, 1 JTR maybe 2 CLS
    My arena is hard, very competetive. I havent seen Traya under 200 for a long time now i am 50-200 usualy....I dont know how to beat DR...3vs3 i did, but arena teams not.

    EDIT: just saw DR @125 spot....
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  • Falco3
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    My top 10 has almost shifted completely to DR. DR in 1,3,4,5,7,8,9 currently.
  • How do u beat DR with JKR? Like seriously, and i'm not talkin bout the talzin zombie variant either. Is there a way?
    JKR can mark anyone and bypass taunt. Go after DR's money maker in Basitlla shan fallen. Once she's gone, that group loses a ton of potency. It's still dangerous, but - not as without her.
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