In Depth 7* Chewbacca Guide



  • I am actually going to triple down on doing it with Cad Bane lead. The RNG God I will be praying to will be with Cad above 250 speed so I can stun R2 first, get those target locks from Ig88. I will zeta 88's AAA because I love 88, and 50% evasion on t-locked enemies is nice. Between t-lock, 2 stuns, 88's AOE ability block and Boba's, the payouts should come quick.

    *Shrug* All this probably won't work, but if it does it'll be funny. I've only unlocked Chewie on 5* of another account and I thought 6* was ridiculous. I imagine 7* is insane.
  • Figured this would be a good bump with the Chewie event coming up. Great initial post.
  • I can see more ppl having 7× g11-12 jango at this point. I havent tried this event yet but I got zbossk zboba zjango at g11 and dengar/greedo g10. Hoping I dont have to spend more on gear
  • I have g12 zzbossk and boba, g11 Cad bane, Greedo at g10 and dengar at g9 hoping to bump it to g10 by the event. I hope I have a decent change of actually unlocking him this time around..
  • Here is my team for it
  • khelzac
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    Just did it with G12 zBossk, zBoba, Zam, G11 Cad and G9 Greedo. Took about 15 tries. It went easy once I got Cad to land his stun on Chewie.
  • winky
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    Wow I was scared for this event because everyone here had such trouble but I just got him on my 3rd try with a pretty medium squad and I didn’t even bother optimizing mods.

    zBoskk g12
    Cad Bane g12
    Boba Fett g9
    Jango Fett g9
    Dengar g9
  • After an hour of having my toons perma-stunned, not getting a turn and generally being stomped on, the gods of RNG smile and I now have a 7* fuzzball.

    Team was G12 zBossk, G12 Boba, G11 Greedo, G10 Cad & G9 Dengar. Only Bossk, Cad and Dengar survived very long but once I got the contract fulfilled, it felt like plain sailing
  • Dengar rulez, also Cad shines with his stuns!
    You need to survive the first round, though!
  • Sharing my experience for future folks: G12 zBossk and Boba, G11 Cad and Greedo, G10 Dengar. Took about 15 tries to get the right RNG (see below). Kill order: Chewie > Han > ROLO > Lando > R2

    “Right” RNG + some tips: Dengar stealths and prevents R2 stealth. Anyone other than Bossk is stunned. Chewie and R2 get dispelled/stunned with Greedo/Cad and allow Bossk to get off a taunt. After that it’s all about having the damage to get Chewie down. Don’t use AOE until Chewie is down.
  • Thanks to all the comments on this site, I finally got RNG and a 7* Chewie.

    G12 zBossk, G12 Boba, G10 Cad, G9 Dengar, G8 Jango (tried G11 IG-88 instead of Jango but he was too squishy)

    Took between 15-30 tries.
    All abilities maxed but no zetas (except on Bossk).
    Dengar died in the second or third round, but prevented R2's stealth.
    Used same kill order as Spacemilk: Chewie > Han > Leia > Lando > R2.
    I avoided AoE attacks.

    I second everything Spacemilk said. Good luck!
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