In Depth 7* Chewbacca Guide



  • I am actually going to triple down on doing it with Cad Bane lead. The RNG God I will be praying to will be with Cad above 250 speed so I can stun R2 first, get those target locks from Ig88. I will zeta 88's AAA because I love 88, and 50% evasion on t-locked enemies is nice. Between t-lock, 2 stuns, 88's AOE ability block and Boba's, the payouts should come quick.

    *Shrug* All this probably won't work, but if it does it'll be funny. I've only unlocked Chewie on 5* of another account and I thought 6* was ridiculous. I imagine 7* is insane.
  • Figured this would be a good bump with the Chewie event coming up. Great initial post.
  • I can see more ppl having 7× g11-12 jango at this point. I havent tried this event yet but I got zbossk zboba zjango at g11 and dengar/greedo g10. Hoping I dont have to spend more on gear
  • I have g12 zzbossk and boba, g11 Cad bane, Greedo at g10 and dengar at g9 hoping to bump it to g10 by the event. I hope I have a decent change of actually unlocking him this time around..
  • Here is my team for it
  • khelzac
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    Just did it with G12 zBossk, zBoba, Zam, G11 Cad and G9 Greedo. Took about 15 tries. It went easy once I got Cad to land his stun on Chewie.
  • winky
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    Wow I was scared for this event because everyone here had such trouble but I just got him on my 3rd try with a pretty medium squad and I didn’t even bother optimizing mods.

    zBoskk g12
    Cad Bane g12
    Boba Fett g9
    Jango Fett g9
    Dengar g9
  • After an hour of having my toons perma-stunned, not getting a turn and generally being stomped on, the gods of RNG smile and I now have a 7* fuzzball.

    Team was G12 zBossk, G12 Boba, G11 Greedo, G10 Cad & G9 Dengar. Only Bossk, Cad and Dengar survived very long but once I got the contract fulfilled, it felt like plain sailing
  • Dengar rulez, also Cad shines with his stuns!
    You need to survive the first round, though!
  • Sharing my experience for future folks: G12 zBossk and Boba, G11 Cad and Greedo, G10 Dengar. Took about 15 tries to get the right RNG (see below). Kill order: Chewie > Han > ROLO > Lando > R2

    “Right” RNG + some tips: Dengar stealths and prevents R2 stealth. Anyone other than Bossk is stunned. Chewie and R2 get dispelled/stunned with Greedo/Cad and allow Bossk to get off a taunt. After that it’s all about having the damage to get Chewie down. Don’t use AOE until Chewie is down.
  • Thanks to all the comments on this site, I finally got RNG and a 7* Chewie.

    G12 zBossk, G12 Boba, G10 Cad, G9 Dengar, G8 Jango (tried G11 IG-88 instead of Jango but he was too squishy)

    Took between 15-30 tries.
    All abilities maxed but no zetas (except on Bossk).
    Dengar died in the second or third round, but prevented R2's stealth.
    Used same kill order as Spacemilk: Chewie > Han > Leia > Lando > R2.
    I avoided AoE attacks.

    I second everything Spacemilk said. Good luck!
  • I think Ive read someone do it without Dengar. I wonder if its actually possible, based on this guide.

    I'm hoping to use a good jango, boba, and bossk team so that I dont have to use dengar bc he has a terrible drop rate. Will that be enough? Jango lead gives the team a revive when the bounties are fulfilled, so I think I will use use his lead, is boss's better?
  • @Eagle_Hawks1

    When Dengar is under stealth, no enemy can gain stealth. If you don't have Dengar, R2 will give everyone stealth - repeatedly. If that happens, you can't choose your kill order and Chewbacca and Han Solo will go nuts as long you leave them alive. You really need to kill Chewbacca first. Dengar doesn't help you too much with damage, but he's the one that prevents Chewbacca from steal thing. Without Dengar, you don't even get a chance to attack Chewie.

    That said, if you play the event over and over again, you'll get times - rare as they might be - where r2 gives stealth early and Chewbacca takes two turns before your toons go, so just as your attacks are coming available Chewie has come out of stealth. The problem with this is that the perfect scenario for being able to attack Chewie is also the scenario in which Chewie does a lot of damage early and r2 gets stealth ready to go again right after you damage Chewie but before you can finish him off ... which allows him to attack more and regain health and protection.

    So if you get stealth just right AND you get max damage on all your attacks AND r2's AI doesn't use a second time right when you've got Chewie on the ropes, THEN you can finish off Chewie and make a good attempt at finishing the event.

    Maybe all those RNG pieces will come together on your very first attempt. Some people have reported getting Chewy on very few attempts even without Dengar. But when I tried the event the first time it was available I played it for hours without getting the right RNG. I gave up, waited a couple months for the event to come back the second time, had Dengar ready and finished in less than 20 tries (and most of those were ones where I restarted before I even took a turn b/c I'd lost 2 or more toons in the opening volley). Probably took a half hour or a little more, and even before I won I had a couple attempts that were really close because I could kill Chewie. It was obvious that it was going much better for me with Dengar even before the attempt that let me finish. Yeah. You can finish without Dengar if you get the right RNG. Random means random, so maybe it will even be on your first try. But I and many others tried so many times without success that it's pretty easy to see that your odds of triumph without Dengar are low on a per-attempt basis.

    Only you can decide whether you're the type of person who would enjoy playing the same event for 12 hours in a row trying to get it perfect of if you're the kind of person who hates bashing your head against a wall of RNG.

    If you're ready without Dengar, you might as well give it shot. You might win the lottery. But I couldn't handle the frustration, and most people have found that it's much better with Dengar than without, so even while you're trying without Dengar, you should probably keep farming him.
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