Changes (and Additional Changes) Coming in the Next Update [MEGA]

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

In a future update we will be changing Hard Nodes back to 5 attempts per refresh. This was temporarily increased with the launch of Mods 2.0 to help players earn Jedi Knight Revan and Darth Revan.

Now that players have had a chance to earn these characters and players will have had much more time to unlock the prerequisite characters in future events, we will be returning back to 5 attempts per refresh.

We will also be reducing the Crystal price of Mod Salvage in shipments with the next update. This will still be a slightly more expensive way to obtain Mod Salvage compared to farming it from the nodes but a more convenient way to get those materials quickly.

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  • Because reasons.
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    What other game? Also SW?

    Love the bubble-blowing Vader BTW.
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    maybe they are hoping players farming gear with crystals for new characters released
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