When should Revan event be back

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Just trying to get ahead of the Revan event, anyone know when it will be back


  • No idea, but I'm thinking the end of April, or roughly May 2nd to kinda like up with "Star Wars day". The last one was the end of January, so roughly 3 months sounds right. I was worried that he would be needed for Darth, and they'd have to drop him early, but not being needed for DR, should be at 3 months.
  • Pitt
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  • Last one was 45 days ago....they generally return every 90-100 days....usually closer to 90 days once it's been out a couple of times.
  • Pitt
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  • It will be back from April 27th to May 3rd.
  • Getting my OR ready!
  • First revan event was end of October
    2nd was end of January
    Therefore 3rd will be end if April

    They don't always follow the same cadence: CLS and JTR certainly didn't.
    A better way to know is... simply check the calendar...
  • KKatarn
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    They are bringing Darth Malak so i wouldn't be surprised if Jedi Knight Revan comes back this month or earlier on the next one to make another panic farm.
  • Fett
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    Wish I was ready for the Darth raven event,,, I'll for sure be ready next time!!!! 🤠🤠🤠
  • Arneth2
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    Swgoh events says July 11
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