Guilds Looking For Mergers - December 2018 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • Darkshadez
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    Hey there! We are the Blackhole Bandits, an independent uk-based guild looking for 5-10 active players to tackle the HSTR. The core group of the Bandits have been around since the start of the game, and we're always on hand to offer help and advice to anyone that needs it :)
    We're attempting the HSTR again soon, so players with HSTR teams (especially JTR or Chex) would be great!


    Guild stats:
    111M GP
    Heroic PIT/HAAT (Pit on sim)
    Tier 6 Sith (Last HSTR attempt: P3 with 28 actives)
    30+ Stars in both TB
    61-8 record in TW (lots of zetas)
    GMT Timezone (mostly UK/European with a sprinkling of Americans)

    1.5M+ GP
    Daily 600 Tickets (not too strict, we know everyone has other stuff to do sometimes)
    Discord App
    Witty Banter


    If you're interested please shoot me a message. Cheers!

    Discord: Darkshade#2178 | Ally code: 182-972-271
  • Ragnir
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    Git Gud Guild is a new guild made up of 36 people who are focused on tw. We are ex guild leaders, officers, and hard core players who want to be with like minded people. Gp ranges from 3.2 to 4.8 million. Raid times are 10pm eastern and midday on weekends. If you are interested, contact me on discord.
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  • Sh4dowN16ht
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    Hey, All.

    We found our merger.

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  • Paerdaks
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  • Malachor 158+mil gp
    Proud member of The Divergents.
    43LSTB, 44 DSTB
    And raid times rotating 9AM&PM EST and HSTR at Noon & 8PM EST
    600 daily tickets are required
    Ask for Illyria.
  • Amadala Guard

    - 181mil GP (was just 196mil)
    - 4 spots open can clear another one or two
    - We beat everything except the last star in Darkside Tb
    - East Coast Guild
    - Laid back, everyone knows what they’re doing in here. Great atmosphere
    - Almost everyone in here is 4mil+

    If interested message me in game
    ALLY CODE - 519 - 355 - 155j
  • Capt_Lone_Starr
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    For Sith N Giggles seeks merger with a small group, We ARE NOT seeking to disband (so please dont ask) but we are looking to absorb into our guild 10 to 15 members.

    FSG is a members of an Alliance of Guild and has the support from with, if you would like to talk merger INTO For Sith N Giggles contact Lone Starr#2199 on discord (Alliance Leader) or contact Zerk (guild Leader) ally code 228-547-291

    or just drop me a message on the forum

    MMA for Life
  • Burbles44
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    Tainted Outcasts
    Looking for 7-9 active players with JTR teams.
    Our guild is casual as we know life happens.
    Discord is a must
    Our guild is 41/50 with GP of 100M
    Rancor is sim, haat is 24, and T6 on sith
    TB is over 30+
    Discord: Burbles44#4663
    Ally code: 213-928-797
    Again looking for 7-9 active with JTR teams.
  • Elliot
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    Carbonite Conundrum

    Looking for 12 active members

    1M GP Preferred but will accept lower
    Currently at 38/50 54M GP

    Mainly UK Based
    Laid back guild, we understand everyone had a life outside the game

    HRancor and HAAT on farm
    T5 STR

    Ally Code 416-786-691
    Discord: PHILTH#2893
  • Bubblechomp
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    Mutha Thuggas — 135MM GP at 43/50 — room for up to 7 members. Running Heroic Sith. Established Discord server. Adult environment.

    Hit me up, let’s talk.
    Member of ‘Thugs in White Armor’
  • Rancor 8 my BB

    63M GP - Heroic Pit biweekly & HAAT weekly
    TW at 90% - Sith T6,Close to Heroic

    Have room for 10 new members
    Rosters at any levels- recommend some 7* to join heroic raids.
    Friendly guild, not too many rules- only need to active daily
    Recommend LINE app for communication.

    Contact me at:
    Line ID : Pokemon-ht
    Or pm me : 855-291-421

  • jkdmike
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    Found a merge thanks for all the replies.
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  • Our guild, Beasts, is looking for about 10 new members. We are currently at 80+ million GP.

    While we don't need have a daily ticket requirements, we would like you to be above level 80 and active in all the guild events. We understand that life happens, so if you are going to be inactive for more then 7 days, pls let us know, otherwise, we may remove you.

    Heroic Rancor = 9PM US Eastern with 24 hour join. Rancor typically finishes within minutes we need just a few more 7 star Hans to sim it.

    Tank = 9PM US Eastern with 24 hour join. TANK for us, finishes within hours.

    Sith Tier 5 if FFA, as soon as it has enough tickets. While we are at Tier 5 right now, once we get enough active members, we would like to aim for 6.

    TB we typically get about 20+ for light and dark, and that is with only 1/2 the guild participating

    TW has been a bit harder to judge, as due to some recent additions, we have had to change our strategy a bit as they didn't have the toons that our strategy called for.

    We are set for open join. So just search for Beasts to find us!
  • A Kyo Menace

    A US-based fully heroic guild looking for some people to come join us and crush HSTR, TW (undefeated), and TB. We're 46 members and 96 MM GP. We’re a highly active guild that is more than casual but less than hardcore. We all have jobs so we get that life happens. Our main focus is on ensuring everyone is progressing and helping each other by participating in TW, TB, and HSTR.

    Our raid times are 1-3 MST (which is good for UK). Whether it’s advice or just to shoot the ****, we’ve got it. Come join a close knit group of SWGOH fans. Below are the guild guidelines.

    *600 tickets
    *participation mandatory for all guild events (score >0 except Rancor/Tank)
    *follow directions in TB/TW
    *At least one HSTR team for phases 1, 3, or 4
    * required
    *discord required
    *Raid times are 1-3 MST

    If interested, come stop by our discord or hit me up in game 318-667-362
  • Hi all,

    StarDefenders are currently looking for a small merger of around 12 people! We're a casual guild who understand life comes first but still want to progress forward and improve so we're looking for people who are ready to contribute in all areas of the game as much as possible. We can take groups of anything 12 and under including individuals.

    GP: 105 MILL
    Heroic Rancor
    Heroic Tank
    T6 Sith, looking to move up to heroic once we fill our ranks
    Ideally players will have 1.5 mill+ GP and squads ready for Sith
    Our highest TB score has been 38 stars in both LS and DS.

    If you're interested or have any questions please PM me here @TheLegendOfBenBen or message one of our members on Discord @ KnightOfCydonia#1062
  • RedaV HtraD 2

    Friendly, Sociable guild looking for up to 16 or 17 new members or a merger with smaller guild.

    Lots of advice available or just a chat.

    Currently 70M GP with 34 members.

    We are heroic Tank and Pit, looking to start heroic STR once the membership is up.

    You would preferably have or be working towards JTR and other OP toons.

    2M GP preferable but happy to accept lower if active.

    If this is for you, please get in touch on discord at:


    Looking forward to meeting you soon.
  • Phantom Guard is looking for 10-15 players who are wanting to join the fight in HSTR. Currently we are doing tier 6 but are getting close to HSTR. a merger with a smaller but strong guild will push us into the Heroic Sith Raid.
    we are 101 mil gp and US players. Our raid times can be changed around and no discord nessecary. Please message me here or in game if you want ahve questions
    ally code 658-966-138
  • Ewokin Family

    Looking for a group of 15-20 active friends or a small guild to merge in.


    600 daily tickets

    HSTR squads or building

    Participate in ALL GUILD EVENTS (TB & TW)

    LINE app to communicate

    About Us

    Family of 4 Guilds. 2 Full Heroic Guilds, 1 Casual and we just form a new Guild to be the next Elite Guild.

    Guilds are made up based on your participation and contribution not about GP.

    We have DAY 1 Players that are constantly helping out with their wisdom.

    We use LINE app as our main Coms but we have a
    DISCORD Server with all the Resources and Bots.

    We Rotate Raid time to accommodate all of our Members.

    If interested Message me.

    LINE seisdose612

    DISCORD SeisDose#8949

  • Plank420
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    Hello fellow holo-table heroes, im currently leader of a guild that has been affected by hurricane str. We have about 15-20 players in need of a home. We would for the most part like to stay together as a group, i know this may not be possible but it wont hurt to ask. Our gp ranges from 1m to 3m+. We are a fun group of individuals who know real life comes first. Hope to hear any offers, may the force be with you ;)

    Found a home thanks for all the offers
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  • Looking to recruit up to 10 members for an up and coming guild day one guild heroic maybe even more if you are willing to meege or join contact me via discord at darkjedi#4825

    Guild is currently at 160 mil with 3 openings right now and more coming through merging
  • Plank contact me on discord darkjedi#4825 i can help you
  • srm2565
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    7 Deadly Siths

    152 m GP 49/50

    Looking to bring in 5 active accounts.

    We are an organized guild with a focus on TW and TB. We have a good strategy that has been working with some tweaks each war based off our opponents/TW buffs. As of the war ending 4/3 we have an 12/12 win streak. We’ve never demanded members farm specific characters but meeting faction/character requirements for special missions + farming characters to counter important factions (Traya/Revan/Drevan) in TW is appreciated.

    Detailed requirements are below, but we definitely want active players who enjoy the game and don't mind some banter and just some joking around in the discord/in-game chat. We clear HSTR in about 4-5 hours for those that are looking for an HSTR guild.

    2.5 million GP (this is flexible and exceptions can be made based on a player’s roster)
    Discord & SWGOH.GG
    600 Daily Tickets
    Participate in TW/TB

    Guild Info
    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time.
    TW Record: 51-13
    TB Stars 43 Dark Side, 41 Light Side

    Standard raid times all with 24 hour join period.

    Regarding the requirements mentioned above, our guild is made up of members who are all different ages and at different stages in life. We understand that life takes priority and that things happen outside of this game. All we ask is that if you are unable to participate in any way that you simply let us know either in game or through discord.

    Anyone who is interested can contact us through our discord server
    or directly by DM Eagle2754#9590
  • Baphomet
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    Black Sun Lords seek to absorb up to 12 players

    Active and friendly guild
    46M GGP
    Rancor heroic
    Sith tier V, can do 6
    Tank heroic if we had just a couple more !
    TW usually win but need more players to always meet minimum 25

    Contribution to daily activities, TW, TB and raids expected

    Please DM or guild is open to join directly
    In game

  • Maverick's Squad is currently looking for a small merger of around 15 people!

    We're a fun but serious guild when it comes to TWs and Raids.
    Using Discord is mandatory for the best communication possible and for friendly chats with the group.

    We understand life comes first but still want to progress forward and improve so we're looking for people who are ready to contribute in all areas of the game as much as possible.
    We can take groups of anything 15 and under including individuals.

    GP: 90 mil
    Average player GP around 2 to 3mil

    We have Heroic Rancor and Tank on farm and will beat Heroic Sith raid once we fill our ranks.

    Ideally players will have 1.5 mill+ GP and squads ready for HStr
    Our highest TB score has been 38 stars in both LS and DS.

    If you're interested or have any questions please PM me here @TheSaint  or on Discord TheSaint#4909 or join our Discord server
  • EatSithAndDie (ESAD) is a community of 4 Guilds

    Heroes: 220 million
    Masters: 188 million
    Lords: 175 million
    Knights: 154 million

    All of our guilds are completely heroic with our top 2 guilds serving as our TW focused groups.
    Recently we began a 5th Guild to serve as a Developmental/Competitive group where members can help and share their knowledge with newer players.

    Below is information about us, and what we’re looking for:

    * Guild raids will rotate weekly between 11am CST and 8pm CST
    * Guild reset is at 7:30pm CST
    * 400-600 Tickets Daily
    * Our Alliance members will help ensure guild is fully heroic.

    What are we looking for?

    * Players with a GP of 1.5 million or higher
    * SWGOH Linked
    * Discord
    * Desire to Participate in events and Grow

    Open to discussion. Feel free to message me to discuss more. We have a total of 4 guilds, so we can help find homes for any members you may not want to leave out in the cold or members that may want more of a challenge.
  • Kreuzfahrer der Galaxis ist eine deutschsprachige auf der Suche nach einer Fusion.
    Wir sind derzeit 34 ​​Mitglieder mit 74 Mio. GM.
    Wir suchen eine Gruppe bis zu 16 Personen.
    Derzeit spielen wir Rancor und HAAT auf heroisch und Sith VI.

    Bei Interesse bitte melden unter Bündniscode: 895-571-697

    Lg und vielleicht bis bald.
  • Dolemites wrote: »
    We’re looking to merge our remaining guild. There’s 7 or 8 of us looking to move as a group, varying levels but all good players and active teammates who are dedicate to the game and advancing. We are about 15m GP collectively. We easily go thru heroic tank and rancor.

    Message me if interested.


  • We are interested in your post and have an established guild that would like to move forward with a merger if you are still looking. Message me on [email protected]#2879 or in game. My ally code is 186-397-466. We have 2 guilds and would like to bring you along on the journey. Thanks

  • Hidden Council - a Death March Empire Alliance Guild looking for 20 Members to absorb
    Death March Empire is a 4 guild Alliance
    Req 500+ raid tickets daily
    Must participate in all events or let us know if unable to participate
    Must be on discord and .gg


    Active Guilds
    Hidden Council - 55M+ GP

    DeathstarJanitors32 - 128M+ GP - 0 spots open

    Victory March - 141M+ GP - 1 spots open
    Anarchy Empire - 122M+ GP - 0 Spots open :(

    All Guilds require Active Discord
    Requirements vary per guild but everyone finds a home
    Contact @Funk Janitor Filique#6070
  • Looking for a group of 10-15 players to join our guild, Rebe1 Knights Red
    What we’re looking for:
    HSR Ready
    Daily 600s
    2.5m GP average (or better)

    We consider ourselves a Semi-competitive guild, so we expect people to do their best, but we also recognize that this is just a game and real life gets in the way sometimes. We have no problem with time off requests. Ultimately, we want the guild to be both fun and rewarding for all members.

    Also, we don’t have that many top HSR sluggers, so if your group wants top raid rewards there is opportunity here. I personally have only 2.4m GP and I placed 9th last round.

    Also, also, we’re really honestly just fun people. I promise.

    If you have questions or are interested in joining our guild, my discord is: Arkmer#2250
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