Showdown at Star Forge [MEGA]


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    My wallet hurts already
  • In other words, G12+2 or zetas will be required for most of the characters to qualify.
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    Man you guys just keep ruining the game used to be once in a while... now every week... trash

    Enough sith already
  • Query: Does this mean you must have all of them to participate or can you attempt with fewer if not all are at 17.5k
  • Will this be a recurring event? Or is it like a Marquee, in that if I miss it the first time I get screwed over and am forced to farm even more shards for the character when I do want to unlock him.


    Also thanks for putting his shards in the store with the rarest currency in the game...
  • Wow.
  • You guys love making the pay gap larger and larger don't you. I turned f2p on this game a little over a year ago, and this whole KOTOR blitz has been hugely detrimental to f2p. The teams that come out of KOTOR are ruling the game and I'm finally getting JKR this go round and probably get DR in 6 months. So, I guess I might be able to get Malak in 8-9 months. Do you not see a problem with that?
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  • Droideka wrote: »
    Now everyone who was able to squeak through the Revan events with undergeared characters thanks to RNG and time now have to gear those characters anyway. Kind of ironic.

    There was no squeaking through Darth revan lol
  • They got problems with "any" before. If they make it a 3vsMalak, I might got the chance but I cant gear up 3 more toons{2for JKR, 1for DR) in this short time. Even if I have a week for do this, ot still be hard to do! Well,we will see!
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    Why only 17,500 power? Why not 19,000 or 20,000?

    Starting to wonder how long I can convince myself I am not playing out the sunk cost fallacy by continuing to invest my time in this game.

    This x 10000000000
  • Each character at 17500? Are you insane? I have juhani, carth, and canderous g11 and only carth is 17500 due to zeta

  • why cg why....
  • Wonder if Malak will appear in packs in the store or shipments?
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    why cg why....

    Too much sun on the islands i guess
  • TyloRen wrote: »
    CG_SBCrumb wrote: »
    Hi Holotable Heroes,

    In the first battle, you’ll face Darth Malak using Jedi Knight Revan and any of the four characters needed unlock Jedi Knight Revan (Bastila Shan, Jolee Bindo, T3-M4, Mission and Zaalbar). The second battle will require Darth Revan with any of the four characters that unlocked Darth Revan, Canderous Ordo, Carth Onasi, Juhani, HK-47 and Bastila Shan (Fallen). Darth Malak shards will appear in the Guild Event Store when you unlock Darth Malak at Five Stars.

    To reiterate, this will be an extremely difficult battle and for the first time in an event, you’ll need each of your characters to be at least at 17,500 Power to enter. You’ll also only have a limited time to complete this achievement and earn Darth Malak. The event will start Friday 4/12 12:01AM (UTC) and run through Sunday 4/14 11:59PM (UTC).


    So this mean we need all 10 of the characters to be above 17,500 just to enter and then get to pick 4 for each battle or will be be able to attempt with 8 characters above 17,500 (4 for JKR and 4 for DR)?
  • @CG_SBCrumb I think you mean "any four of the characters" not "any of the four characters".

    Good call, just corrected that wording.
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