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  • Q- why was the Q and A forgotten about for so long?
  • Ultra
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    Ultra wrote: »
    We are getting another Q&A!

    Lets compile questions in advance, and avoid repeating the same questions, and post the best of those prepared questions.

    The Q&A lasts for a few hours and not everyone can be active or online during that time. So its best if we can all get together and compile a list to ask them as soon as Q&A starts

    Ultra, how and where would you like questions compiled for the next Q&A? I suspect there will be tons of questions around new TW field, GA tourney and future releases and game balancing. Thank you, as always.
    I was thinking someone should start a Question compilation thread and request the mods to delete posts that aren’t questions or answering questions that people were unaware that are already answered and then we can compile a list of the questions as the Q&A draws near. Anyone online can ask the questions from the list to the devs whenever they host Q&A.

    I was thinking of making it democratic with the most liked question post (open to other suggestions) getting the highest priority and the questions to be posted in Q&A in batches of 5. Since the devs have a very limited time to answer questions, we can focus on what the community wants answered the most first

    Questions that already have answers can be linked.
  • Q- How long can we expect the sith raid to be sacred? Especially p3.

    Q- Why you no hire Bulldog?

    Q- Any chance of simming Haat, Sith raid, and the original Tbs?
  • Where is Count Dookus ship? He had a Genosian ship
  • The relationship between CG & Game Changers has changed this past year. Could you give your thoughts about the Game Changer program in its current state as well as moving forward.
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    I’ll update the FAQ depending on the Q&A

    Thinking of compiling dev responses to relevant questions from reddit too
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    is this the old one or the one from today? Can't tell.
  • VonZant wrote: »
    is this the old one or the one from today? Can't tell.

    Oldie but goodie
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    New Content

    drklrdbill: Can we get a practice arena mode?
    [NR] We answered this recently in the last Q&A, but our disposition is that we don't want to put in a practice mode. Our theory is that even a mode that didn't have rewards could potentially balloon session time and we think that could ultimately lead to a negative experience for players. The Galactic War is still a place to do a fair amount of this, even though we understand you can't tailor it exactly to your needs.
    [QUESTION: Kifaru12] Can we please have a practice mode for PVP?
    [NR] At the moment we have no plans to build a practice mode for PvP. There are two reasons for this:
    1. There are other features that, we feel, are higher impact/priority to the playerbase. We know this is a common request, but we think there are some more "fun" things that we can produce instead. If we ultimately find that we have room and nothing competing in priority, we'd consider picking it up.
    2. A practice mode (at least what we see commonly requested for) would be unbounded in its time commitment (meaning you could play it all the time and unlimitedly). We are aware of the current time the game requests of player, we are hesitant to add more to it at this time.
    3. Having added Simming to Galactic War, we are looking at how much people play through it voluntarily, as it is a leading indicator of how much people want to play something like a Practice Mode.

    How is galactic war a “practice mode” when the teams therein are so pathetically weak they don’t even begin to compare to what you will see in arena?
  • Can we have jar jar in the game ?
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