Kit Reveal: Darth Malak

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UNIT NAME: Darth Malak
CATEGORIES: Sith, Sith Empire, Tank
Brutal Sith Tank who terrorizes and drains enemies to stay alive


Basic: Rend
FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Tenacity Down for 2 turns.

Special 1: Torture (Cooldown 3)
FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy, dispel all buffs on them, and Shock them for 2 turns. If the target already had Shock or Fear, Stun them for 2 turns.

Special 2: Drain Life (Cooldown 4)
FINAL TEXT: Deal damage to target enemy equal to 100% of their Max Health, and gain a stack of Dark Infusion until the end of battle, which can't be copied, dispelled, or prevented. Then, recover Health equal to the damage dealt. This ability can't be evaded and starts on cooldown.

Dark Infusion: +35% Offense per stack (max 3 stacks). At max stacks, these bonuses are doubled and Basic attacks also inflict Healing Immunity for 2 turns.

Unique 1: Gnawing Terror
FINAL TEXT: (ZETA) Darth Malak Taunts for 1 turn whenever an enemy is inflicted with Shock or Fear. At the end of each turn, enemies who inflicted Damage Over Time on Darth Malak or critically hit him this turn are inflicted with Fear for 1 turn, which can't be resisted or evaded.

Unique 2: Jaws of Life
FINAL TEXT: (ZETA) Darth Malak takes reduced damage from percent Health damage effects, and at the start of battle he loses all Protection and gains that much Max Health.

Darth Malak gains 35% Critical Avoidance, Health Steal, Tenacity, and Defense while he has less than 75% Health, doubled while he has less than 50% Health, and tripled while he has less than 25% Health. The first time Darth Malak reaches each of these thresholds, he gains a bonus turn and the cooldown of Drain Life is reset.


  • "Hard to kill at low health"

    that explain the Bastila buff.
  • HK22
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    So will Fracture hold long enough for a team to kill him or are you going to have to slug it out until Nihilus/IPD can one shot him.
  • Ultra
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    No leader ability? He led the Sith Empire for the entire duration of the first game
  • This is going to be fun
  • I think gnawing terror is direct counter to palp using vader
  • FidelisAnimi
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    edited April 2019
    @CG_SBCrumb how much damage does drain life do to raid bosses?

    Deathmark does 50% (0.03% to raid bosses) of max health.

    Will Drain Life do 0.06%? 0.03%? Some other number? (hopefully more than 0.06%... but not too crazy. Deathmark triggers many times, so only getting one trigger of 0.06% would be kind of saddening).

    Edit: I also just thought to look for expose... Expose is 20% (0.02% of raid bosses). So it's not a consistent scaling. Knowing this would be nice.
  • jkray622
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    Hmmm, I expected a pre-taunt to take Sith Trooper's spot on the team.
  • Does the cool down reset thing mean it resets to 0 or 4?
  • Looks amazing. Can't wait to get him.
  • Nihion
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    Emguy wrote: »
    It's not an annihilate. It's damage equal to 100% of targets max health. So if a target has 100k health and 100k protection all the attack would do is get through the protection

    Okay, but...
  • Sion's rival
  • CptCheez wrote: »
    Teague wrote: »
    The final boss and leader of the enemies in KotOR doesn't get a leader ability? That's very odd.

    He's clearly meant to just be the tank on a Drevan team. A tank that also gets a Nihilus-like Annihilate ability...

    Well that makes sense. Malak was Revan's apprentice.
  • ¿Otro personaje para sacarnos el dinero?
    Cada vez es peor seguir jugando.
    Apenas dejáis mejor un personaje y ya sacáis otro, cada día estoy más decepcionado con el juego
  • Emguy
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    Healing immunity would absolutely destroy him, as would another Malak since his protection gets added to his health, making him really vulnerable to his own drain life
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