TW/GA Schedule Needs Help

Let me start out by saying: I like TW. I like GA. I like the special abilities in TW.

However, today's schedule is horrible. We have 2 hours between events. That is 2 hours between the character lock on a TW that gives special abilities to characters that people don't normally use (i.e. No one normally uses VS Han, but I'm sure people will try him in this TW) and a GA where everyone has normal abilities. This means people will have mods on these special characters for TW and then rearrange everything for TW. (I'm not going to get into the differences in needed 14+ well modded teams for GA vs 8+ well modded teams for TW which also causes mods to move)

I'm sure people will argue that this should be mod-set based and when you spin up a VS Han (or CHS or Yolo) you should just swap a mod set from another toon. That's just not how I do things.

Instead, I will be remodding my characters for a second time today, in a 2 hour window... and then not remod anyone for 9 days (the next TW).

Why can't we offset one of these events by a day or 2? It doesn't make sense to have them both start on the same day. It takes a lot of time from a lot of us.

I'm sure there was some rationale that since today is Malak day, people would rush to get him (and gear him) before lock... but let's be honest, at a certain GP point, that's just going to happen anyway.

(and while I'm making suggestions... the 2 zone GA map needs to change. Being able to see the whole map at the start removes any "strategery".)


  • I would further add that people who are trying for Malak might have to move gear around to be able to do that as well. And might have ruined sets to do that and now have that locked in TW/GA.
  • don't move mods around.
  • don't move mods around.

    This is the point
  • Gcdevil
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    There's too many GA now 2 a month would be ideal
  • Gannon
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    Gotta admit tho that I hate that the start time for grand arena is different from territory battle and territory war.. There's no reason for that. Let me check all my events at the same time
  • What they should have introduced ages ago are mod loadouts for each game mode. You'd have one for TW, GA, Arena etc. and changes would only affect one specific mode. So that you wouldn't have to worry about messing up your teams for the other modes whenever you change something.
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