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Community manager for the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes forums. Duties include:
  • Oversee the structure and management of SWGOH Forums
  • Manage the SWGOH Forum Moderators
  • Primary contact for community messaging in SWGOH Forums
  • Other channels of Studio messaging

  • Community Engagement Strategist and primary contact for SWGOH's Gamechanger program.

@CG_LucifersDaddy and @CG_Leviathan
  • Cheating Exploit and abuse investigations for SWGOH.
  • Please contact these two directly via the SWGOH forums (PM). CS agents will also direct players to do so.

  • Backup to Kozispoon: Forum Messaging
  • Beta Test Manager

  • Oversee's and assists with various promotion efforts for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

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