What underused characters do u want reworked?

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So apparently CG said the next few months they’ll be focusing more on reworking characters in the game that are underused. My all time favorite character is Darth Maul and wish they added a couple more uniques and updated him, also Mace, Qui-Gon, Leia, Lando, Anakin, Grievous/Droids, and the Clone’s


  • Stormtrooper
  • Stormtrooper

    Sorry - stormtroopers zeta
  • Make the Empire great again.

    Sick of these Kotor force user form outer space.
  • Tusken ... for 3v3 GA
  • Gannon
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    All of the Galactic republic! And all of their kits/abilities/leads should apply to ALL Galactic republic!
    That way, you can run a Jedi with a clone and cup and it will still synergize.. The way that they do in Clone Wars!
  • Jawas and Tusken! Lando, Leia, Royal Guard, actually the OT stuff.
  • I mean I'm not even a huge fan of the guy, but to have Mace as pathetic as he is right now is a shame. Also the clones. Using Cody's mass attack can almost clear the protection off a Wicket....
  • Tusken and Jawas please :)

  • Azgard
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    Mace Windu
  • Kalano
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    Jawas and Snips
  • Stormtrooper

    He should be like B1
  • Smarty
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    Id love to see QGJ be a top toon again

    Maul needs a rework (synergy with Nightsisters)

    ObiWan needs a leadership zeta (works best with Clone Wars Jedi/clones)

    Grevious rework.....

  • Mace Windu, who already had one rework
    And Jedi Knight Guardian, who has never been worth a credit. Actually scratch that, I don't care about JKG. Give me a Jawa faction pass: release the murder-elves!
  • We need clones reworked. They got their helmets, now they need better kits.
  • Eeth, Windu, Plo, Luminara, Kit, and Ima.
  • Sidious... mainly because I have his jank zeta
  • JacenRoe
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    Mace and Luminara.
  • Juzz
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    ISC, Saxon, Royal Guard
  • Droideka
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  • Give me a Jawa faction pass: release the murder-elves!

    This x a million.

  • MightyWizard
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    I would really like to get a rework for Sidious and Dooku, also it would be awesome if they dusted off Maul and gave him a new ability or something, or just upped his damage ever so slightly. Savage could also do with either more damage or added utility, or at the very least the damage threshold for his Overpower ability should be raised from 50% health to say 75%, as with all the new mechanisms for health and protection regen, and protection itself, he rarely gets to actually one hit anyone with overpower, and when he does, half my other siths could also have the same thing with their basic ability. Those are the ones I want.

    The character most deserving of a rework however(and also high on my want list), is no doubt Mace Windu. In the lore this dude is so skilled with a lightsaber that it's not even funny, like epic-level, can't-be-beaten skilled. He whooped Sidious' **** like he was nothing, after Sidious first did the same to a bunch of jedi, and Yoda before that. I really hope they make him into an offensive high-pressure attacker, which would reflect his background nicely, Juyo and all. But really, anything else than a tank who can't take a hit and doesn't taunt or otherwise do anything good, is a huge upgrade.
  • I’m getting what Ive been asking for in a JKA rework (plus all the others who h e been begging for it). Feeling pretty excited about that.

    But that said, agree with all the above that mention Mace, and all the other gazillion posts about it. He. Has. To. Be. Better.

    Jawas would be fun too. Maybe they’ll rework them when Mandalorian comes out, seeing as they make appearances in the first look trailer. Some version of the TW bonuses would be siiiick.
  • Jarvind
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    All of the Republic Jedi are pretty pathetic. We know Anakin and Ahsoka are getting a tweak, but that still leaves Kit Fisto, Mace Windu, Aayla Secura, Luminara, Plo Koon, Eeth Koth, Qui-Gon, and I'm Gonna Die.

    Barriss is the only one that's still kind of good, and only if she has her zeta.
  • Say it with me: Utinni!
    Obviously Jawas, followed by Tuskens.
  • Fahrius
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  • Boo
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  • I'm surprised Poe is so run-of-the-mill considering how prominent he is the movies. Of course the Clones, Mace, Sidious, Dooku, and Lando would also get my votes.
  • Obviously Jawas, followed by Tuskens.

    This x a million again.
    Boo wrote: »
    CUP needs some lovin.

    And you're very welcome to give it old boy! Just leave me out ;)

  • dimi4a
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    Royal Guard! He needs to really act as the Emperor's elite protector!
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