What keeps you playing?


  • Nikoms565
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    That's it.
    In game name: Lucas Gregory - - - -"Whale blah grump poooop." - Ouchie

    In game guild: TNR Uprising
    I beat the REAL T7 Yoda (not the nerfed one) and did so before mods were there to help
    *This space left intentionally blank*
  • I would love to be able to answer this but i honestly really have no idea at this point in time, especially with the rumours of JKA nerfs incomming too
  • Juzz
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    I can tell you my experience:
    At the beginning it was the thrill of knowing the game. Then getting some useful toons. Then getting into a gulf that was worth staying. Then trying to figure mechanics and share the knowledge with guildies. Then trying to get good the heroic toons. Then trying to ger s good droid tem and goy ir until HK change. Then trying to be good at ships beyond the 20 spot and consistently made it until second Falcon wave.
    I have all heroic/special event toons except DR, Malak and C3P0. Il get the golden thing in next show up but I'm not interested in DR at the moment.
    Now I'm on finishing collections.
    Tomorrow, who knows....
  • Dk_rek
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    Kyno wrote: »
    Dk_rek wrote: »
    Lots of Scotch



    EggShen : Because it's real......
  • LordValidus77
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    evoluza wrote: »

    You know that!
    I don't spend a lot so I don't expect a lot...which gives me more of a challenge. It's Freaking Star Wars...
    It is not star wars commander. I hate fortnight. I like characters I don't have to buy skins for and IT'S FREAKING STAR WARS
    And the Scotch!
  • Kokie
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    I enjoy the grind and then satisfaction of completing and gearing each faction. Love the competitiveness of arena and fleet shards and love the lively dialogue on the forums. Events like chewie and malak I thoroughly enjoyed as they were pleasantly difficult and required exploring good strategies instead of just walking through the phases.
  • NicWester
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    It’s fun.
    Ceterum censeo Patientia esse meliat.
  • CG's yet-another "oopsie daisy, we made a mistake" oannouncement every Friday.
  • I keep playing cause i farm the toons i want to farm and remain in the top 200ish in arena and if felt like i wanted to try and and compete top of arena i know i could if i just grinded a few of the great teams. Heck i already have most of the good ones. But i like to be different when i do things. So this is why i will one day have full gear 12 Tuskens team with a rando toon just to see what happens.
  • Gorem
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    The fact that this game is star wars was lost to me months ago.
    I stay cause of my guildmates, if the day comes that they leave? I'd be gone forever and uninstall this game to never play it again.

    Putting up with these devs is not worth it. The game is great. The game is awesome. The people behind it? not so much. Less updates would be better then what we get from them. The game keeps getting periods of being great, before being ruined by them again and again.
  • Habit.
  • I just like to have fun trying a bunch of different teams, like right now I’m going with IG-88, Boba Fett, Jango, L3-37, and Zaalbar. Unfortunately I can’t say I’m really enjoying the guild aspect, in fact I wish there was a way I could get all the same things I can while in a guild, if I was by myself, because I don’t like being tied down to someone else’s ideals or ridiculous strict rules. I want to play my way.
  • I found myself in the situation to compare the fun I could get with my very restricted time in comparison to other games. I'm very sorry to tell, that swgoh can't compete for me with modern games of 2018/2019.
    It's not my fault, that CG slept for 3 years...
    But I'll always will love StarWars!
  • The trainwreck moments.

    It's fun to yell and complain and do so as a total escape.

    The outrage here is more fun than the outrage on the news.
  • DarthPurgatory
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    I like my guild. That's really it, at this point. But we've been allowing other veteran members to hang around and share stories and jokes so...my guild at this point doesn't even really need the game to let us hang out together. We talk about other games we're playing and hook up online for console sessions and such.

    I'll always be grateful to this game for that.

    I *enjoyed* strategizing with characters I'd seen in the movies and on The Clone Wars.

    That's largely been left by the wayside.

    If I don't shout "frank-and-beans this game" at least 3/5 arena attempts during my climb because of lousy RNG it's been a good day.

    I'm having to remind myself why I play this game every single day. I don't know or want to know any character in my Arena roster. Point blank period.

    And the day those 3/5 arena attempts become 5/5 arena attempts containing censored material and I can't finish Top 3 is the day I have to give in and uninstall.
    Porgatory demands fresh souls.
  • Guild and arena chat groups. Basically the things CG can't screw up (at least directly). And the hope that some day it will get back on track.

    People cry about srena chats but I've seen a ton of people say that's the only reason they still play. Might not be a game without them
  • Addiction like 99% of players
  • I am still playing because I like to collect each character. Unfortunately, I'm also a F2P type of player, so it takes a long time to get each character. but I still enjoy it. other than that, maybe dopamine
  • SamuraiUX wrote: »
    Honestly, the trick is not to care about the meta.

    I still love the game because I find new things I want to work on all the time and do it, whether it's useful or not. Tusken Raiders! Droids! Jedi! Nightsisters! Clones! These are all factions I worked on randomly when I felt like it, and while some (droids, Raiders) have never panned out strong, others (Jedi, Nightsisters) have and others still (Clones, I'm guessing) will in the near future. But I pay no attention to that. I just build what I want to.

    You really have to resist peer pressure. I had to find a guild that wasn't pushing me to 'help the guild' by buying Revan or whatever. I don't have Revan, I don't have the OTHER Revan... heck, I don't have JTR yet because I couldn't be bothered with the dumb Vets. But I DO have a diverse roster with 3.6 million GP, so I'm no slouch. It's just characters I'M excited about, not because anyone told me I ought to farm them.

    I'm guessing this will be hard for most people to do. But it really, truly is the trick to continuously enjoying the game. For example, I LOVED Clone Wars so much that my Anakin and Ahsoka were G12+ back at the end of 2018, just because - no particular promise in sight for them. And now? It was easy-peasy to drop the extra zetas I've saved on GK and Ahsoka and now I'm really happy with the totally non-meta team of zzGMY, Anakin, zAhsoka, zGK, and zBarris. Because Clone Wars, baby! I don't care that I can't get above 180 in the arena. Whatever man. AHSOKA TANO RULES.

    So that's my advice. Take a look at how enthusiastic and happy I still am while everyone else is grumbling. Who cares about Darth Malak? Don't even know the guy. I'm already 4 metas behind, so what's the biggie? Try it, you'll like it. =)

    Sam UX

    I like this, I like this very much.
  • The hope that one day characters we actually care about will be relevant. But apparently that’s never gonna happen now.
  • Pariah_Anchorite
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    1. My guild
    2. Collecting characters and learning powers and optimization of teams, especially ones I like, meta or not
    3. Watching the evolution of the game with regard to characters and who will come out next - it’s story
    4. Portability

    Advice for you: set limits on time and budget, more diversity in your spare time. If you’re not going to quit, treat your burnout. Your relationship with the game won’t be the same, but you will be better off
  • I’m too dumb to quit
  • Its star wars
  • JMG680
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    My Guild. A great group of guys. Some I have been deployed with and others have become as close as family. We are just about to start the HSTR even though some of the guys could have been doing so elsewhere. They stay to help the team.
  • Guild ofc, if not for them this game would go to the bin so fast :]]
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