TW GP Mismatch

Need some further explanation for TW matchups. I get it's based on GP of members who signed up. But does the total GP of both guilds get factored in at all?
We're an 86M GP guild, with 50 members. So avg GP of 1.7M. We have 43 members signed up this TW for a GP of 73M
We're matched up against a 183M GP guild. 50 members. So avg GP of 3.6M.
How does a match like that make any sense.
Even if our members signed up GPs are close. The difference between the roster of a 3.6M GP player and a 1.7M GP player cannot be compared.
Is this common or did something break?


  • Highly doubt you are looking at the same guild,
    post a screenshot as there are many guilds out there with similar looking names but are totally different
  • Waqui
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    Since TW requires at least 25 guild members to sign up, I also highly doubt, that you're looking at correct guild. 25 players with 3.6 million GP on average would put that guild way above your own 73 million active GP
  • Right you both are. Just did a search using the commas and hyphens, and it's a 96M GP guild.
    Whew! Thank you both!
  • LynnYoda
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    edited April 22
    easier way is to actually search for 1 of the people in the guild instead of the guild itself, you will normally find the match up easier
    i know its not really possible before you see the territorys but keep it in mind
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