Most recent TW Match up appeared to be off

Did anyone else notice issues with the last Territory War match-ups? Our guild was matched up with a much lower level guild, which we easily rolled over, plus there was a lot less squads per territory. So first question....

1. Did the pairings appear lop sided? (example we cleared all territories, they didn't clear one, and for us it was easy...)
2. Are squads per territory determined by GP or just by STGOH? (Normally we have 16-18 this time 13.)
3. Is there a way to see the other squads GP to compare ours to theirs? (Our TW GP was 55, overall we are 66.)



  • How many members joined from your guild?
  • squads are determined by how many join the TW, 50 join / 25 squads needed... 24 join / 12 needed... 26 join / 13 needed etc.... you can see the other guilds GP by googling their guild name with swgoh or searching
  • 37 players joined from our guild so based on what you were saying we should have had 18 squads per territory, instead it was 13...
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    It might be the following case then. The other guild has around 26 active players that are of higher average GP than your guild, the rest are most likely raid ticket mercs that did not join TW.
    Now, despite having higher average GP (26 members of theirs had the same combined GP as 37 of yours), they had an over 10 player disadvantage and that's what probably made them lose.
  • other guild had 26 join then hence the 13 squads
  • Ouch... that should be figured out in the match making gods... one guild shouldn't be battling another guild and have a 10 member difference. lop sided. Thanks though for all of you who responded.
  • no worries to find their actual GP search google for swgoh "guild name" and you will get their profile on if its foreign language guild or strange letters etc search for one of their members in the same way then you will find the guild that way. is a great tool for this game and everyone should take advantage of it
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    Until you face a guild that has 13 profiles signed up out of 50 members....
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  • It still gave good general info, I'm not going to pay $3 to sign up my profile. but it's nice that it gives good general info. Thanks again all.
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    Signing up to gg is free.
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  • I tried earlier, it stated $3 minimum donation to sign up.
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    Are you sure you're on the right site? I've never seen nor heard of that.
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  • I figured it out. Don't click the obvious become a Patreon.
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