How many things do you farm at any given time?

Hi guys

I was wondering how many different things you guys farm "on top of eachother"?

I am currently spending all my fleet energy on Nest
Cantina energy on FOX
Normal energy on NS zombie, Talzin, XB, IG2000 and gear (currently for OG Han)
I do 2x energy refreshes pr. day to get to maximum raid tickets

I was just wondering if I am spreading myself too thin?

with the new (old?) 5 tries/node I find myself farming more things at the same time, than before - simply because I don't want to spend the 25 crystals for 5 more tries...

But is this the best way to go? I mean... I save crystals, but it takes longer to complete the farms...

What do you guys do?


  • Kol8Ajawa
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    Not saying this is how you should do things, but it works just fine for me. :D

    I'm able to hit top 5 arena so I feel like I can afford to do 3x normal refreshes a day and still save a good amount of crystals each day. Sometimes I'll do 4-6x normal refreshes depending if I'm panic farming or not.

    Since hard nodes went back to 5 attempts I rarely refresh those nodes anymore unless I'm panic farming something.

    All normal energy is spent on hard nodes only.
    I never spend energy directly farming for gear, just indirectly if the gear I currently need is on a hard node with shards that I need as well. I get the majority of my gear from Guild, Guild Event, and Shard stores.

    Fleet energy is spent on whatever hard node I'm farming there, rarely refresh here but only because I've maxed out most hard nodes I care about.

    For Cantina energy I sometimes do 1 extra refresh, but I have pretty much all the characters I care about from here as well, before that I used to 3x refresh.

    I always 3x refresh Mod energy.
  • I generally focus on 3 things max at a time. Otherwise I’d feel like I’d be spreading my resources to thin
  • One cantina char, either 3 x refreshes or 0 depending on urgency
    One fleet node, refreshed every 2-3 days for 25 c
    5 or more hard nodes, 3 refreshes of energy and currently 2 x refreshes of nodes
    Mod energy 3 (occasionally 4) refreshes

    So spread but efficient. Gear from shops and with crystals
  • Globuhl
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    At the moment, I do one character refresh and one energy refresh a day to farm:
    Bastila Shan Fallen, 10 attempts (5 + 1 refresh)
    Range Trooper
    Vandor Chewbacca
    Count Dooku
    Canderous Ordo (cantina energy, no refresh)
    Carth Onasi (fleet energy, no refresh)
    Anakin’s ETA-2 (what’s left of my daily fleet energy, enough for 4 out of 5 attempts).

    That’s a lot I know but it does not cost me that many crystals. I just finished Range Trooper so I may add a character refresh round for Juhani now.
  • X3ina
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    Lets see,
    DT from cantina with one refresh
    Carth with one refresh and ETA2 from fleet battles
    3x Juhani and Sion without any
    3x mod nrg
    I hope i'll finish juhani soon, so i can free up alot of crystals and energy
  • Kalano
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    2 node refreshes for droideka and B1. One node refresh for Rose, Range and Visas. Visas will be finished at weekend and replaced by embo.
    Finished with cantina
  • It would appear that this very much depends on "where" you are in the game :)
  • Doing Hera from cantina (after a long delay).
    Jango/HT, IG2000, Xanadu Blood, and Range Trooper from hard nodes.
    Nest and Sion from ships.

    I do no refreshes on any node. I instead spend my crystals on gear from shipments.
  • pick the team YOU want and focus. when everyone was getting revan i was getting Solo smugglers and im very happy they are amazing.
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  • 1 char each from cantina, ls, ds, and fleet. I usually only refresh the times needed to hit 600 raid tickets when not farming legendary/journey chars. One to two energy and node refresh for ls/ds table depending on how close I am to the next star level. Rarely refresh cantina or fleet, it's just too much for me to expend a day. My crystal income is low. I get most of my gear from raid rewards and through the stores with the currency we earn. I stock up on gear until I'm ready to pull the trigger so I really don't have to energy farm it.
  • Jarvind
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    I stopped doing node refreshes when they changed the hard node attempts to 5 per day, because they no longer seem worth the crystals.

    Normal energy: Baze Malbus, Rangetrooper, Rose Tico, Jango Fett. All under 100 shards to go. Once I exhaust those I either hit the B-28 Extinction Bomber, or farm a bit of gear if I'm close to finishing a piece.

    Cantina energy: Gar Saxon, less because I want him and more because I wanted to hit a 16-energy node for the greatly increased drop rate on purple ability mats

    Fleet energy: All attempts on Enfys Nest (28 shards to go ugh), then usually 2-3 on Sith Fighter

    Only one I'm actually using at the moment is Rangetrooper, the rest I'm just farming because I have a pathological need to 7* everything so that everybody's ready to rock when I start sinking gear into them.
  • This is a game or resource management but also of percentages. It really doesn't matter if you farm 2 toons or 5 toons at a time; each one is still going to need to be farmed about 850 times (280 shards * 0.33 = 848.4848484).

    So if you focus on one you will finish them sooner, but if you need all 5 to do an event then it doesn't matter all that much. In that case you would farm depending on F2P or not. If you are not F2P then you would consider packs and really try to not finish any toons too quickly, if that makes sense.
  • I’m doing anakin from cantina, sith bomber, juhani, bsf, magnaguard from hard nodes and carth and b1 from fleet
  • Sith trooper cantina no refresh, anakin (2 nodes) Lobot (2 nodes) Rose, holdo, range trooper sith bomber droideka //3 normal energy resfresh per day// b1 and sith assasin ship //1 energy refresh every two days//
  • Jango/HT, Droideka/Xanadu, Wicket, and Bossk from hard nodes. Captain Han from cantina. JKA’s starfighter from fleet. Pao from cantina store. Usually only do one refresh on cantina energy and save up the rest of my crystals.
  • Juzz
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    Usually I have:
    3/4 chars from LS/DS nodes
    2 chars from Cantina
    1/2 chars from fleet

    A couple of refreshes on LS/DS energy usually. Sometimes a refresh on fleet.
  • Liath
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    I also don’t refresh nodes unless I know of or anticipate a particular time crunch. Currently I am generally farming 5-6 things on LS/DS nodes and 3 things on fleet nodes.
  • normal energy- Talzin, Bossk, IG-2000, and Zombie

    cantina- just Vet Chewie, I’m 3 away from 7 stars so I’ll do Vet Han

    fleet- bastilla and carth
  • VonZant
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    12 shards left for BSF and 50 left for Juhani. Then on to Sith Bomber.

    50 left for chirps then onto Maurader

    Just finished Carth - on to Sith Fighter.

    Will sometimes spend Shop currency on Scimitar. About 20 left.

    I'm just doung the Sith ships for fun.
  • jkray622
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    Each player has to make their own decision, and it's based on "how quickly do you need a character", and "how many crystals can you afford to spend daily."

    It's best to farm one character in the cantina at a time and focus them until 7*.
    For fleets and light/dark, the 25c refresh rate to increase the daily sims to 10 is a fairly good return on the crystal investment. Depending on how much energy each node takes, most players may want to farm 2-3 different characters in light/dark at a time.

    Fleet farms combine the worst aspects of light/dark and cantina - expensive energy refreshes coupled with paying for more daily attempts. I wouldn't farm more than 1-2 things here at a time. If you need to spend 3x100c for energy, then you probably are better doing 2x100 and paying for node refreshes to speed up your primary targets.
  • Currently buying 3 normal energy refreshes and no ship, mod or cantina energy refreshes, and not refreshing any nodes while I rebuild crystal stockpile after D. Revan and Malak unlocks.
    Normal energy is 5 attempts on Vandor Chewie, Range Trooper, Embo, Droideka, and B-28, with all remaining energy farming new gear for D. Revan and Malak. (That is all my current remaining hard node farms)
    Cantina energy is about 11 attempts on Aurra Sing. (ISC, Gar Saxon, And Nightsister Spirit to follow to clear cantina farms.)
    Ship Energy is 5 B1 and 3 Sith Fighter. (Young Lando/LMF and JKA fighter remaining)
    Cantina Energy is slicing mats for Blue mods that have already hit speed twice (have sliced all greys that had speed, and all greens that hit speed once).
  • Tbirds01
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    Just got T3 to 6 stars, so I’m taking a break from him and Mission to go for chirpa first (at 6 stars) and then Paploo for C3PO event. That’s my cantina farm.
    My ship farm goes to bastila Shan and if I’ve got extra to young lando's falcon.
    Hard node farms vary a lot, with Jolee, bastila, wicket, and Sion.
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  • StarSon
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    I'm doing 15/day for Droideka, 10/day for Rose, 10/day for Vandor with regular; 10/day for B1 with fleet; and however much natural cantina energy I get on Kit Fisto.

    And yes, with the nodes back to 5 attempts, it makes more sense to spread out your farms a bit.
  • kello_511
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    jkray622 wrote: »
    Each player has to make their own decision, and it's based on "how quickly do you need a character", and "how many crystals can you afford to spend daily."

    It's best to farm one character in the cantina at a time and focus them until 7*.
    For fleets and light/dark, the 25c refresh rate to increase the daily sims to 10 is a fairly good return on the crystal investment. Depending on how much energy each node takes, most players may want to farm 2-3 different characters in light/dark at a time.

    I only disagree with your cantina strategy.
    When I was farming toons from there, I often stopped at 0/100 and moved to the next character. This way I had a greater number of toons “close” to max. If an event came along where I needed a cantina toon, hopefully I could easily farm the remaining 100 shards within the notice period and be ready for the event.

    Obviously this changed when event requirements were known, this only applies during the “guess what we’ll need next” periods.
  • TVF
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    The correct answer is 7.
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  • EdSolo
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    Cantina - Imp Super Commando, no refreshes (only other one left is Aurra Sing)
    Fleet - Carth Onasi, no refreshes yet, will do one after Juhani is finished; any left over energy to Sith Fighter
    Regular - Juhani, Fallen Bastila, Range Trooper, Jango Fett, Embo, and Sith Bomber. 3 energy refreshes a day and a node refresh for Juhani. Any left over energy goes to farming the special gear for DR/Malak. Only need 5 shards on Jango so he will be replaced with Rose (just in case she and Holdo are needed in the future). Bastila is down to 30 and she will get replaced with Droideka.
  • Pretty much all my energy goes to grinding Canderous and Juhani. Gear goes to Grievous. I usually don't farm as focused as I'm doing right now tho.
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