QOL: Please add the ability to edit/move TW squads during the setup phase.

Im not sure if this topic has been discussed previously, but I think a huge improvement to TW would be to have the ability to edit/move squads during the setup phase. Example: a guildmate accidentally sets the wrong team in a themed zone. A revan squad where in a BH should go. Or, if a weaker squad has been placed when a stronger option is available. Whether this in an option for individuals or guild leaders/officers, it would be a vast improvment over the current situation where you have one chance to set a squad without even an "are you sure?" warning. It doesn't seem like much of a stretch to add this and I can't see a way it could be exploitable.


  • I agree. For me in the preparationtime absolutely necessairy.

    Very good input Ironbagle

  • Yessssssssss
  • jkray622
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    They don't want players able to move other player's squads around - because the general policy is that one player can't control other player's decisions or actions.

    But letting people switch around their own squads would be helpful. We had a guildmate accidentally set Jedi Training Rey as leader of a bunch of Jedi instead of Jedi Knight Revan. 10 seconds later he was begging for forgiveness, but there was nothing to be done. A brief moment of inattention destroyed two of his squads.
  • We’ve been begging for this for TW and GA for ages...

    It’s entirely dumb you can’t move around toons before setup phase is over.
  • 100% agree. Please implement for both TW and GA. There shouldn't be any foul play with it. Just lock everything at the end of the defensive setup phase like it does now.
  • I completely disagree, set the correct team first time! Your opponent also may set a team incorrectly. Little things like this make the game fun. Please no monotony, JKR nearly made me quit!
  • TVF
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    How does this make the game fun?
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