Padme 5* and 7* bare minimum to acquire, please post your results here


  • DarthSerf
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    7* unlock
    ZZ grevious lead g12 58k health
    Zz ventress g12 6* cc cd mods
    Z dooku 311 speed
    B2 g12
    Magna g9
    Took many attempts but having dooku go before kenobi every time to land the stun helped a lot
  • VonZant wrote: »
    T5. Basically Asajj and Sun Fac are primary. Asajj was g12 +2 and a 6e CD set.

    Prioritize SF basic if Kenobi is taunting. Use his taunt on Anankin for offense down.

    Asajj aoe and peck away at whole team to remove their protection, then cleanse them of buffs and kill.

    Order - Anakin Padme Fishlee, GK. I killed Anakin first because his heal debuff is only threat. You basically want the rest of your team to die to pump Asajj up:


    @VonZant u r 1 of the only ones ive with a true bare minimum team that has no b2. my squad is similar but my assaj is g11 and keeps getting 1 shotted by padme. you mention fac, mine usually gets gangb up on and killed quickly , how are you able to remove their protection over all with no b2 and weak fac?

  • DaarthBrewer
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    30 attempts on Friday and Saturday. This morning I got more gear and pushed Spy to g10 and GG to g8. AV lead g12, and B2 g7, SF g11. First try and RNG smiled and AV was hitting like a truck and SF was taking the hits and surviving. Anyway, 5* unlock, yay me.
    All the strat tips in this thread are great. My GG is 6* and has the unique zeta. AV is pretty maxed as I used in arena a few months back for a day or two.
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  • a378k2q0zdpo.png

    I am at tier 7. Who should i target now ? jKA or jedi fish ??
  • Sewpot
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    20 attempts, used GG-1 zeta, Ventress-2 zeta’s,B2,sunfac, geo spy, all G12 with lots of G12/+ gear on. Really RNG heavy.
  • VonZant
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    @jayjonbeach Use asajj AOE to hit them all when she can. Even when they have bonus protection, when the buffs go away their base protection is whittled away. Best if you can hit them when she has offense up. Then cleanse the debuffs and kill Anakin. You can try to kill Padme first but she is much harder to kill. Dont be afraid to hit Kenobi and Fishlee as it makes them easier to kill later.

    It took me about 20 tries. You may need a g12+ Asajj to do it though. She gets some good damage pieces then.
  • 30 attempts on Friday and Saturday. This morning I got more gear and pushed Spy to g10 and GG to g8. AV lead g12, and B2 g7, SF g11. First try and RNG smiled and AV was hitting like a truck and SF was taking the hits and surviving. Anyway, 5* unlock, yay me.
    All the strat tips in this thread are great. My GG is 6* and has the unique zeta. AV is pretty maxed as I used in arena a few months back for a day or two.

    @DaarthBrewer is gg of any use at g8?
  • LordInuy
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    7* with
    zgg g12+5 3 health set, 6 dot mod health primary
    zb2 g12+2 3pot set prot primary
    zzventress set speed
    dooku g11 set speed
    sunfac g8 bad casually set

    near 20/25 try...good rng when i win
  • Mzee
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    Grievous lead with all Omegas and his unique zeta. Gear 12 with 1 medpack and 1 multi-tool 45kish health after mods.
    Ventress both zetas. Gear 12 + 4. Best crit damage and crit chance sets.
    Dookoo No zeta, gear 12+3. Speed + potency mods.
    Magnaguard. G10, no Omegas. Speed + potency mods
    B2 No zeta, G11 and all Omegas. Speed + Potency mods
  • drago6
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    7* UNLOCK
    GG LEAD zeta unique
    IG 100
  • Does Poggle lead works ?
  • drago6
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    Does Poggle lead works ?

    yes. there is another discussion about poggle lead on the forums
  • bologman
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    Probably the bare minimum you can do it with
    zzAsajj (L), B2, dooku, GG, sun fac
  • Karlito
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    Just managed 5* after 3 days of trying with :
    zDooku lead G11+5 potency mods
    zAV G12+3 3.9k offense + potency
    GG G9 (lead zeta)
    B2 G9
    Magna G9

    I tried with GG lead with zeta (spent my fourth of May zeta on him) but didn't manage. I guess it was just luck but with dooku lead I manages quite quickly. 10 tries or so.
    Padmé first

    Lost magna and B2 in the process. But I advise to retreat if b2 dies before padmé. And retreat if padmé gets to use her heal.
    I alternated the stuns on her and squid Jedi.
    Quite frustrating!
  • Foxer
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    Lol my only 5 I had.... 7*

    GG gear12 all zeta
    Assajj gear 12 Zeta
    B2 gear 12
    Magna Gaurd gear 10
    Poggle(lol) gear 8

    Padmé cost me about $50 in gear to get.

    Will take me Abit to gear her as DR and Malak ate my gear up then this team. Still have 4 zetas left so can easily max team once I have the gear saved.

    Hoping for a break before the next big release or meta change,,,, concerned 3p0 hasn’t been “needed” yet and should be coming around again soon.
  • Gannon
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    5* unlock with g11 ventress, g9 b2, and g8 puggle, dooku, and magna.
    Am I the lowest yet?
  • BucMan55
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    Did 5* with this 75jd0peh60u2.png

    If you can spare the crystals or $15 for the weekly droideka shards or if you are close to 5* and can get there, do it. I can’t emphasize enough how much easier him getting marked behind damage immunity makes this.

    B1 is usesless, gives them tons of free undispellabe prot, same with dooku.

    If you’ve got Fun Sac or AV use them instead of soldier.

    Also, sneaky bug is sleeper mvp, bro hits for like 30k even at g8 so if you’ve got him geared for his ship slap some CD mods on him and enjoy.

    Make sure your grievous has as little prot as possible. His job is to just get brought below 100% hp so that mark goes on DD. Kill order Padme, Jolee Knockoff, Ani/GK. At tier 5 Padme really is the only dangerous one once you blow her away it’s a win, DD killed Ani and GK by himself for me.

    Still took around 50 tries.

    This gives me a bit of hope for the next go round. Working Droideka and and Cad Bane's ship from the hard nodes daily. First one I had seen without a G11 or G12 for 5 star.
  • Kevj9
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    Took a long time, but got her @ 7*! GG loads of health, 60k+.
    Focused on padme, then took out anakin (twice) beige focusing on the fish. Was left with a 2 on 1, mace & GK Vs my GG. Took mace out then GK. My focus was Stuns on padme, spreading target lock (& getting a lot to hit those target locks) and buff-block.
  • kidwtjgsu6p3.png

    Did it with the first 5. Droideka took it from impossible to done in 10 tries.
  • Snaklor
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    7 star unlock with the following, I have to think it’s as close to bare minimum as you can get. 4vlfk8dbqlwe.png

    Strategy was land buff immunity on GK before he goes and get Dooku to stun/ability block with his basic to save the shock/stun for later. Then basically just try to stun lock Padme and GK as much as possible to prevent cleanses. GG and Asajj were basically all the offense. The run I succeeded on I took out Padme early and managed to kill both Anakin and the Mon Cal with one AoE. I probably spent 5-6 hours on attempts before I got the perfect run.
  • Yezhulin
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    Barely got 5*...

    After many many tries and upgrade toons to G12, RNG finally was in favor...

    GG g12
    zAV g12
    Droideka g12
    IG-100 g12
    B2 g12

    Only AV got 1 zeta, some toons without omegas

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  • DaarthBrewer
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    @jayjonbeach This was my first time using GG, I leveled him from whatever he was at, 38 maybe. Still requesting gear, bought 25 shards for 2k xtals yesterday which 7 starred him. I am now quite possibly ready to 7* Padme.
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  • X3ina wrote: »
    5* unlock

    hack? lol
  • DarthSmurfX
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    5* Unlock (ignore Qui Gon):

    2 zetas on Ventress, 1 on Dooku. Kill order: Padme, Fishguts, Anakin, GK
  • Sewpot
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  • ne_alenska
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    5* unlock try 200+ times LoL
  • KyoO1234
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    Noxhaven wrote: »

    7* Padme

  • SoylentGreen
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    7 hours to 7-star her.
    Frustrating as heck, but doable.
    All G12 except B2 G11.

    AV Unique Zeta mandatory.
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