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    It will happen with the introduction of GA championships, which (according to the road ahead post) also will introduce tiered rewards.
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    IDinDooNufin, of course you can unfluff your roster, and it doesn’t have to be with ‘weak-considered’ toons either.
    I am working on my ‘fluffy’ 8k Nihilus at the mo. Once I bring him to G12, maxxed and modded, he will be unfluffed.
    You just have to change the way you look at it

    .explain to menhow to unfluff a Jedi consular or guard. At g10. How do you shrink that GP?

    Nihlius is a viable toon his G8 is more relevant to game than g12 ugnauts.

    JC is pretty straightforward. A guy in my fleet arena goes top 10 using a maxed JC and his ship in his starting lineup with HT and KRU’s ship.
    So he can also use him in GA when there are ships included.
    There’s a guy on YouTube, Urzatron, check him out. He even uses Tuskens and Lobot in his GA which most people would have left as fluff in their roster.

    You don’t always have to shrink your GP to unfluff is the point. You can look for future solutions for your roster.

    I agree that going forward i can reduce that issue. But that doesnt change where the toons are at now. All that can be donenia un mod them. Thats good for what 3 k?
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    Man that took forever, we finally got a response to the issue. Hopefully it will make everything better for everyone. And maybe I won't feel bad unlocking a new character again.
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