Bot and spreadsheet access to player stats

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It seems like .gg and the bots that pull player/guild stats get slower and slower every TW and GA. Is there any way to increase the bandwidth so it doesn't take hours trying get this data?


  • Kyno
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    If I am not mistaken .GG will throttle traffic so they dont get bombarded too much. I know at some point our alliance had to rewrite some of the code to pull stuff in batches because of this. Not sure if that is what you are seeing.
  • Kisakee
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    It's almost impossible to get more data than the guild list from .GG in the first hours when a TW starts because of said throttling. Actually they guarantee you full access 24/7 if you're spending on their patreon, they even have different packs with faster and more refreshes etc.
    It's up to you if you want to use it or just scream "Cashgrab!".
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  • yohann269
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    I think it's two fold. this is my guess, I'm not a database manager or network specialist. CG limits the amount of data the Bots and .gg can pull through the help.api or whatever it is. Carrie has stated that the bots caused the game to crash sometime in 2018. The other issue is .gg and the managers of the bots having a place to store the data and process it when they pull it from the game. They are probably paying for server space for the data or housing it themselves. We do know from the most recent TW snafu that CG keeps their server space limited and only increase it as needed. I think they said they were using Amazon AWS to manage/deal with TW load increases and probably forgot that they changed the start of TW by an hour and didn't have the resources through AWS allocated until the normal later start. All of that being said, CG knows the community is data driven, it's a resource management game. Anytime you combine that and PVP people are going to want data to give them a competitive edge. I think CG should be helping the community get that data in a more timely fashion.

    @CG_SBCrumb @CG_Carrie I'd love to get a little more input on this from CG's perspective
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