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Hello friends!

I would like some suggestions on who to zeta next. My link:

I'm finishing BHs and scoundrels but they don't need any more zetas imo. Next up are Separatist Droids and later GR when (if) I get Padme.

I'm also working on CLS and some others on the side.

My current decision would be to get started on the GG team to get ready for Padme... What's the most important zeta for GG? Metalloid Monstrosity? Or his lead?

Thanks everybody for the input.


  • Blackbeardpepe
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    You've got a lot of solid zeta choices. I'd say nest zeta next.

    GG unique is a fine addition to anyone's collection.
  • Thank you for your answer! Anybody else has an opinion?
  • Jarvind
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    It's hard to answer this without knowing what your priorities are. You already have a couple I wouldn't have taken personally, so we're definitely playing differently. Do you want to do well in raids? Focus on grand arena? Trying to do better in squad arena?

    That said, hard to go wrong with Palpatine's lead. Makes almost any combo of Sith and Empire under him at least decent.

  • Investing in Separatists is a very sensible thing to do right now with the new TB, and Grievous is awesome, and might become unstoppable once we get g13. Just be warned that he's close to useless until you're almost done gearing him, but very good once you get him there. Definitely zeta his unique first. Dooku is also worth a zeta now, an the same goes for Nute and most of the separatists really.
  • Thanks for the answers! So I really enjoy GA, so I like to develop teams that do well there. I haven't done EP's zeta because I just dislike sith and mostly DS in general. So as a FTP I just accept that I can't have all teams and just concentrate on the ones I like.

    For example, I did JKR but skipped Darth Revan etc...

    And I like working on niche teams like Scoundrels, Ewoks, now GG and Padme (probably won't be niche anymore). Again that goes to surprising enemies in GA...
  • Dryff
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    I really think your next zetas should go on CLS & pals. Finish up the zetas on CLS, Han, Chewie, R2, and C3PO. This will take this team from good to top-tier. All five characters are very good in all aspects of the game. You won't be 6 months down the line and regretting any of them. You might with Dooku or GG.

    BB8 is also a must-zeta, and I noticed you also don't have JTR (she needs 3 zetas). JTR is still a very useful team for both PvP and raid content. It's a bit dated, but still a solid team.
  • If you're more into the good guys then I would highly recommend building up your Galactic Republic toons and ships, as they will be relevant for a very long time, and pretty much all of them will be needed for the lightside Geo TB. The less useful ones like Mace, Eeth Koth, Plo, etc are apparently getting reworks or touch-ups as well, likely during the summer or early fall.
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