Kit Rework: Sun Fac

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CATEGORIES: Dark Side, Tank, Geonosian, Separatist
Geonosian Tank who punishes attackers with a variety of negative effects

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Hive Mind: Assist whenever another Geonosian ally uses an ability during his turn, dealing 50% less damage; equalize Health and Protection with Hive Mind allies whenever an enemy uses an ability


Basic: Browbeat
FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and dispel all buffs on them. Sun Fac recovers 20% of his Max Health if any buffs were dispelled this way.

Special 1: Subjugate (Cooldown 3)
FINAL TEXT: Sun Fac Taunts for 2 turns and inflicts Offense Down on target enemy for 2 turns. Then remove 40% Turn Meter from target enemy. This attack can't be evaded.

Special 2: Spiteful Strike (Cooldown 4)

FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy Sun Fac recovers 25% of his Max Health if the target is suffering any negative status effects. and Stagger them for 2 turns. If the target was already debuffed before this attack, also Blind and Daze them for 2 turns.

Unique 1: Hive Tactics
FINAL TEXT: Sun Fac has +50% counter chance. In addition, whenever he attacks outside of his turn he deals 15% more damage he has +25% Potency and inflicts Critical Chance Down for 2 turns.
Hive Mind bonus: When Sun Fac Taunts, he gains Defense Up, Health Up, and Health Steal Up for 2 turns, and other Geonosian allies gain those buffs for 2 turns whenever he loses Taunt.


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