Galactic Bounties heavy doubt

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Hey guys,
I already have Q'ira and Nest, so I'm bound to farm either Visas, Holdo or Fulcrum. Which would you do and why?


  • Fulcrum: can be very easily bought from the stores, it's a waste of Galactic Bounty.

    Visas: probably the strongest of the three, good anti-Sith synergy, but she doesn't quite belong to any team and suffers for it.

    Holdo: probably the most useful in terms of future applications. As the Resistance is due to receive new toons at some point (after Episode IX, I'd guess) Holdo will probably become a good contender for being the tank in a second Resistance team.
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    I've been having the same discussion but still need enfys shards as farming other things from ship battles
  • Go for visas. Holdo is ok for a second resistance team (once they get a new leader, since Finn is no good anymore), but you’ll want to farm her from her hard node since it provides both stun gun and mk 5 thermal detonator salvage.
  • I debated the same issue in my head just a few minutes ago. I landed on Holdo like many of the other posters. She might help elevate my JTR team again since I no longer utilize R2 with her team and it's getting more difficult to find a good offense spot for her with the little droid missing.
  • Liath
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    Holdo is the most likely to be needed for something.
  • TVF
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    Liath wrote: »
    Holdo is the most likely to be needed for something.

    She's also the tallest. Don't sleep on height.
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    Holdo would be my first choice. I always use her (even at g11) with JTR on offense in TW, GAC, etc. to help keep RT alive. Holdo is a solid tank with AoE daze and healing ability.
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    Holdo for sure. She's extremely underrated and does great on a JTR squad, which lets you free up R2 or 3P0 for use with rebels or republic. She's super tanky, spreads foresight, heals, and her AOE both dazes and can dish out up to 5 exposes for major TM gains.

    Also, she seems like a strong candidate to potentially get a capital ship at some point.

    Side note, her node also has stun gun salvage, so she's a good back burner farm if you find yourself with extra energy after whatever else you're working on.
  • Visas Marr was Nihlus' apprentice from KotOR 2. If they bring in more KotOR 2stuff, I would not be surprised to see her get the Old Republic tag and more synergies. I would bet on her being more relevant during wave two of KotOR that we expect to hit next year.
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    Budgernaut wrote: »
    during wave two of KotOR that we expect to hit next year.

    Is this based on....anything?
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    I had the same dilema and went with Fulcrum just because she's otherwise only farmable in the fleet store, which I use for Omegas and Zetas.

    Though if you're farming a lot of hard node toons as it is, then Holdo might be the better choice. I'm sure that faction will get more love after the next movie so it's a good long term farm, but with the only other viable Resistance leader now best used under JTR, it's even harder to put together 2 Resistance teams than before.
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