CheWBaKwa is recruiting! 310mil+ Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand...

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CheWBaKwa is a GMT +7,8,9 guild for players in asian timezones. We take pride in being a strong TW guild. Most members are from Singapore but we have members from Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, China, Thailand, South Korea, Australia and Europe too.

We are very focused on TW/GA with so far 110W 18L. Also all our members rank #1 in both arena everyday.

31 stars DSTB (50 Wat shards)
22 stars LSTB (20+ KAM shards)

If you fit the below requirements, do contact on Discord DarthKatong#3594


+ Discord is mandatory. We require all members to be contactable and to maintain communications.

+ English-speaking. Our guild chat is primarily in english but the banter consists of what is termed "Singlish". Take note that you may see stuff like 'wah lau eh' or 'ccb' being thrown around in guild chat.

+ 600/600 guild coins daily. This is mandatory. However, if you're going to be away for some time just drop us a buzz. We get that RL > game.

+ Minimum 5.5 million Galactic Points. Send us your profile for consideration.

Guild activities reset on 5:30PM daily (based on GMT+8 timing).

We do both raids with a 24-hours 'registration period'. First 24 hrs for everyone to do 0 damage and free-for-all after 24 hrs.

Heroic AAT Raids are launched at 8:00PM daily, whenever we have 90k tickets.
Heroic sith raid are launched at 9:05PM daily, whenever we have 110k tickets
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