Player cheating in squad arena

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  • LynnYoda
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    They cannot cheat on defence you are missing something simple.
    list all the toons from each team and someone will tell you what actually happened
  • @Kyno please feel free to chime in, but like everyone stated, it is impossible to cheat on defense.

    In this case, it’s most likely down to a Unique ability on either himself or Fallen Bastilla
  • Kyno
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    There is no way to cheat on defense.

    Can you list out the actions taken from the beginning of the match. It is likely you missed something.
  • On 8/14/2019 at approx 1:30 pm EST, I encountered a player that is obviously cheating in the squad arena. I am running a 112k power Jedi Knight Revan team. Revan speed is 290 before bonuses from JKR leadership. The team I was facing was a Darth Revan team, total power under 100k. Darth Revan speed is 302, not nearly fast enough to go before me, yet his WHOLE TEAM went before me! There is no way that this can happen legitimately. I have all they information on the player in question. Please contact me and I can povide user name, user # and Ally code.

    If you missed something on the darth revan's speed all it takes is darth revan going first and putting fear on your whole team to make the whole team go before you. The ai is smart enough to make that darth revan's first move.

    What was the makeup of the team you used and the team you faced?
  • Were any of your toons missing mods? I've pulled that off a couple times.
  • Is it possible you put someone else in the lead and not JKR?
  • APX_919
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    There's too much missing from this equation to solve it.

    1) Need to know JKR's actual speed (I wonder if 290 actually is with bonuses added).

    2) Need to know DR's speed along with Fallen Bastila's and Malak's.

    3) Does the JKR team start with Tenacity Up? Fallen Bastila might be fast enough to get some Fear out on key toons (JKR, Yoda) if Tenacity Up is absent. This woulf also allow a 302 speed DR (if accurate) to land Fear on everyone else.
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  • 1. Can’t cheat on defense, literally impossible.
    2. People need to know the whole team you faced against to even possibly explain what happened.
    3. If Darth Revan got the first turn, your team is done for.
    4. If Fallen Bastila went first (which usually happens) then your team will lose turn meter thanks to Corrupted Battle Meditation and the DR team will probably decimate you.
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